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Posted Fri, July 9, 2010 2:01pm EDT

Bonnie Asks: Jessica — Why Are You Wearing Spiderman's Cape?

It’s big, it’s orange, it’s see-through and it is one scary outfit!

Whatever is Jessica Simpson thinking, walking around Capri, Italy in this guy-repelling get-up?!

All I can say is new boyfriend, ex-San Francisco 49er Eric Johnson, must REALLY love you, Jessica! Or he’s colorblind!

Since Jess, 29, and Eric, 30, have only been dating for five or six weeks, he really might be blinded… by love!

Geez Jess, you really need to get yourself a new stylist! You are infamous for wearing unflattering outfits… and you’re a beautiful girl!

Our advice here — take a vacation from this see-through web gown/wrap now!

–Bonnie Fuller

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