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Posted Tue, February 16, 2010 12:18pm EDT

Jessica Simpson — I’m Not Fat and I Won’t Go Naked!

Jessica Simpson wants you to know she’s glad you think she looks skinnier in person!

Jessica Simpson‘s weight has been the topic of discussion for years. The starlet knows she’s not over weight and she doesn’t understand the big fuss. Jess admits in the March issue of Allure magazine that the debate over her weight follows her everywhere — even to the airport! “When I walk through an airport and people go, ‘You’re not fat!’ I’m like, ‘Thanks. That’s great. Good to know I’m not fat today! Thank you!’”

When Jessica was photographed Jan. 26 2009  wearing a pair of high waisted jeans at a chili cookoff in Fl., it kicked off a weight debate that has stuck to her ever since. Jess even took time to travel the world and learn what other cultures define as beautiful. “In a lot of Asian cultures, the whiter you are, the more beautiful you are — and what I’m so used to is ‘The tanner you are, the thinner you look, the skinnier you feel.”

Jess knows life has thrown her curve balls, but even though the almost 30 – year -old isn’t married with kids she tries to not get discouraged. “I never really thought, growing up, what am I gonna be like when I’m 30? I just kind of thought I had it figured out: I’m going to be this great pop star, have my songs on the radio, be married, and have babies … But things can be taken away from you. A song can not be played on the radio. An album can not work.”

The pop star may have a clothing line, shoe line, and hit singles but she’s not taking her clothes off any time soon!  “I will never do nudity. I don’t care how dark and intellectual the role could be, you know. I don’t care if I frickin’ could get an Oscar for it, I’m not going to do it. Those accolades mean nothing to me. I don’t think people deserve to see what’s under my clothing. That’s only for my next husband — ha-ha-ha.”

As for opening up about her ex BF John Mayer … the most she’ll say is he didn’t make her go brunette! “John doesn’t get credit for making me brunette,” she says. “He’d like to think so, but he doesn’t deserve the credit.”

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