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Posted Mon, November 15, 2010 5:06pm EDT

Why Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson's Marriage Will Work, Even If He's A Freeloader!

Insecure Jessica needs a man that will tend to her like a gardener & treat her like a beautiful flower — and Eric is that man!

Jessica Simpson, 30, is known for needing lots of attention, which is why her puppy-dog fiancé Eric Johnson ,who turned down the opportunity to go to the famed Wharton School of business to be with her , seems like the perfect guy for Jess! Since her 2005 divorce from first love Nick Lachey, Jess has dated a string of men all exhibiting the same characteristic: THEY need to be in the spotlight. And she has had to behave like wallpaper  in their background.

Over the years, Jess has tried to adapt to the “gardener” position, making sure her partner- the flower in the relationship- is able to “grow.” For instance, she dated John Mayer in 2007 and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo from 2007-2009 — and both men are total attention hogs! Eric, however, follows Jess around the world and caters to her every whim! He’ll even share her Thanksgiving float in the NYC Thanksgiving Macy’s parade.

Don’t believe us ? Take a look back at the men in Jessica’s life who were hungry for the spotlight:

  • Jessica dated, and later married, singer Nick Lachey who was the frontman of 98 Degrees. He had a huge singing career of his own to promote.
  • Jess was linked to comedian Dane Cook in 2006, and later in 2007. Dane is known for being a loud-mouthed attention seeker!
  • From Aug. 2006 to May 2007, Jess dated John Mayer, who later referred to her as “sexual napalm.” He constantly tries to push the envelope with outrageous statements and is even more in the spotlight than Jessica!
  • Jessica dated Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo from Nov. 2007 to July 2009. The football star dumped her on her birthday, and is known for dating girls that will keep him in the public eye (hello, Carrie Underwood!)
  • She also had a brief romance with Billy Corgan from Dec. 2009 to March 2010. The notoriously pretentious Smashing Pumpkins frontman didn’t have time to nurture her.

Don’t you agree that it’s time Jessica got to be “the flower” in her relationship , with Eric as “the gardener”? Who’s the flower and gardener in your relationship?

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— Jennifer Sanchez & Chloe Melas