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Posted Fri, January 21, 2011 8:01am EDT

‘Jersey Shore’: J-Woww And Her BF Break Up & Snooki Meets The ‘Perfect Gorilla Juicehead’!

In this episode of Jersey Shore,’ the girls have all gone boy-crazy! Snooki and Deena meet new guys, and J-Woww is totally falling for a new man!

Earlier this week, we watched as a drunk and stumbling Snooki got arrested and taken to jail — and this episode, she claims she’s done with drinking. Hm… we’ll see how long that can last! Snooki isn’t her usual bubbly self… until she meets a new guy, who she describes as her ‘perfect gorilla juicehead’. Maybe she can finally stop snookin’ for love? Deena meets a guy who could easily pass as Ronnie’s twin, but it looks like he won’t be sticking around considering he has a girlfriend who he lied about.

Meanwhile, the fighting between J-Woww and her boyfriend, Tom Lippolis, has reached it’s breaking point — but at least J-Woww has another guy she can count on, right?! After meeting up with Roger (her current boyfriend) at the club again, J-Woww starts hanging out with him more and more, despite the fact that she’s still dating Tom. After yet another huge fight, the two officially break up.

J-Woww has to make the trip back to Long Island to pick up her dogs and her personal stuff, and she brings Snooki along with her. But Tom didn’t leave quietly – he stoke her favorite piece of jewelry, some of her personal files, her hard-drive, and even her bed! J-Woww totally breaks down, and you can’t really blame her!

This episode was good, but I hope that next week we get to see more of the guys!

-Jessica Booth

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