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Posted Fri, May 13, 2011 5:54pm EDT

Head For The Hills Residents Of Italy — The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Has Arrived!

The Roman Empire seems set to tumble once again as America’s lushiest ambassadors cross the pond to film a new season of their hit reality show!

Rome may not have been built in a day, but it managed to lose almost all historic cred in mere seconds with the arrival May 13 of history’s greatest detractors — the cast of Jersey Shore! Equipped with shirts you likely passed over on your last shopping trip, ridiculous oversized stuffed animals and indescribably bloated livers, these soon to be exported (god willing) commodities were snapped entering their new digs. Da Vinci is no doubt rolling in his catacomb.

Please enjoy the kulturally klassik photos above and let us know, which cast member do you think will be the first to publicly urinate on a historic monument?

-Chris Spargo