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Posted Thu, September 30, 2010 11:07pm EDT

Photos! Snooki Attacked Angelina In A Hair Pulling, Wrestling Catfight On 'Jersey Shore!'

Shocking! The rest of the Jersey Shore crew just watches as the girls have a vicious battle over a boy! Didn’t this go too far?

There was so much fighting on last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, that it almost gave me anxiety! Everyone knows that the cast can’t stand Angelina, but the Sept. 30 episode shocked me beyond belief! Not only did Angelina and Snooki hit, claw and very possibly bite each other, no one tried to stop it!

Why did MTV agree to even show such debauchery? It sets a horrible example for kids at home watching this garbage, and what’s worse, someone could have gotten seriously hurt! Mike “The Situation” even joked that he moved the glass table so that the girls didn’t break it, not for their safety.

Obviously, most everyone in the house was drunk at the time of the fight, so maybe that’s why they all had delayed reactions. But only once did JWoww sort of try to break the girls up, AND this all started over a guy!

In case you missed it, the show started off with Angelina and Mike arguing — and it continued throughout the entire episode. Mike used to seem like a nice guy, but his filthy mouth really turned me off. I don’t care how much he dislikes Angelina, he shouldn’t talk to her like he did last night.

Angelina ended up leaving the house a few weeks early [not that I blame her], and it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much more of her.

— Chloe Melas