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Posted Mon, August 16, 2010 10:26am EDT

Bonnie Says: Jenny McCarthy, Don’t Go Bottomless In Public — You’re A Mom!

Being a mom means you need to keep your clothes on in public!

Especially when you have no desperate financial need to host a party in Vegas in a short, totally see-through skirt like Jenny McCarthy did  on Aug.14!

Jenny stripped down to a minuscule white and gold-trimmed bra and sheer slit micro skirt as hostess of the Midsummer Night’s Dream party at Las Vegas‘ Palms hotel. And while there’s no doubt that the former Playboy model, and mom of 8-year-old son Evan, looks hot — does she have to literally display her assets to the world?

How would little Evan feel if he saw his single mom, who is his only parent, practically naked in public? The little boy has famously been a victim of autism, which Jenny has worked hard to miraculously cure .

Well Jenny, I can tell you how Evan would feel — as the mom of a 9-year-old son, I know he’d be completely GROSSED OUT! Little boys do NOT want their moms to be practically naked in private, let alone in public!

Jarringly- considering her attire- or lack thereof- Jenny even has the group Generation Rescue — a non-profit autism organization — as a sponsor of the Midsummer Night’s Dream party. Generation Rescue advocates the view that “autism and related disorders are primarily caused by environmental factors, and in particular vaccines.” Apparently, Jenny has not been convinced by the multiple and respected studies which have cleared childhood vaccines as a cause of autism.

Nonetheless, I applaud Jenny’s advocacy on behalf of her son . But she also needs to be sensitive to Evan’s feelings.  He will NOT want his friends seeing and laughing at the photos of his mother showing off her teeny tiny thong.

Also, how about a little moral role-modeling here — and I don’t mean modeling yourself after Pamela Anderson. You can bet that Pam‘s two sons will also be embarrassed when they get older and become highly aware of the sex tape of their mom engaging in oral sex with their dad, among other things. EEWWW!

So come on, Jenny — if you need cash or attention, you are a talented comedienne and actress. Surely you can land top-paying roles that don’t involve going bottomless. And if it’s ex-lover Jim Carrey you’re trying to impress, this only makes you look desperate to catch his eye.

Jenny, the only man you need to worry about is little Evan. Keep yours clothes on!

— Bonnie Fuller