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Posted Tue, May 17, 2011 4:15pm EDT

Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Want To Look Like ‘A Prepubescent Boy’ When She’s ‘Naked In Front Of The World’

‘The Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence opens up to Elle about how important it is to her that she keep her curves

Jennifer Lawrence is a breath of (beautiful) fresh air in Elle magazine. In her candid interview, the 20-year-old actress makes it clear she is proud of her body, and says she’s tired of people expecting women to look like “prepubescent 13-year-old boy(s)”. In order to train for her role as blue-body-painted Mystique in X-Men First Class, Jennifer went on a high-protein diet and worked out twice a day. She said she wanted to make sure she kept her curves.

“Fifteen minutes before, the guy doing my hair goes, ‘If you can get a salad, get a salad,’” Lawrence recalls. “I said, ‘I’m getting a Philly cheesesteak.’ I’m sure there’s proof on a hotel bill somewhere.”I knew that if I was going to be naked in front of the world, I wanted to look like a woman and not a prepubescent 13-year-old boy. I’m so sick of people thinking that’s what we’re supposed to look like.”

In fact, the Hunger Games star admits she’s not the type of girl to stick with salad. “Fifteen minutes before [the Oscars], the guy doing my hair goes, ‘If you can get a salad, get a salad,’ I said, ‘I’m getting a Philly cheesesteak.’”

Jennifer seems like a down-to-earth girl and we’re so glad to hear someone standing up for curves in Hollywood. Does learning more about Jennifer make you more excited to see her as Katniss?

Lorena O’Neil

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