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Posted Wed, August 25, 2010 12:01pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! Girl Gone Wild: Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless, Smokes Pot & Has Threesomes In Her New Film ‘Wanderlust’!

We’ve seen the script for Jen’s newest project and are totally excited that she’s finally breaking free from her yawn-inducing romantic comedies and trying something new!

Hallelujah – Jennifer Aniston is finally changing things up at last! After her most recent film, The Switch, flopped, we couldn’t help but think that Jen needed to take some serious risks with her roles. We’re happy to confirm that she’s doing just by signing on to the Judd Apatow-produced comedy, Wanderlust.

In the film, which begins shooting this fall, Jen and Paul Rudd play Linda and George, a happily married couple who can no longer afford to live in Manhattan when George loses his job. En route to live with his brother in Atlanta, the pair stop overnight at an inn – which really happens to be a commune – and decide to live their lives as freeloading hippies for awhile.

What does that entail? Prepare yourself: you’ve definitely never seen Jennifer Aniston like THIS before. For starters, the 41-year-old actress goes topless! Yup, that’s right – while protesting a new Wal-mart, Jen rips off her shirt to stop a slew of bulldozers! [Linda RUNS into the one already shoveled hole, RIPS OFF HER SHIRT, and stands TOPLESS in front of the bulldozer, reads the script]. Secondly, she takes the term ‘free love’ VERY literally. Not only does she sleep with every other guy on the commune, but she has a threesome with two WOMEN, one of whom happens to be pregnant! Not only that, but she also smokes weed on the regular AND – like her character Kassie Larson in the The Switch – has a baby, but there’s a twist. She may or may not know who the daddy is by movie’s end…

While seeing Jen go wild may be a disconcerting change, we’re stoked that she’s finally got the guts to try something new. Plus, Judd Apatow just might be the man to turn her career around! After all, his movies – like Pineapple Express, Knocked Up and Funny People – are box office gold. And if this doesn’t do the trick, at least Jen can pick up some pointers for Counter-Clockwise, her big screen directorial debut.

This is one movie we can’t wait to see! Cheers to you, Jen, for attempting to break out of your career rut!

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