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Posted Thu, September 23, 2010 1:24am EDT

Laura Says: Jennifer Aniston's Over-Hyped Appearance On 'Cougar Town' Was A Total Tease! We Want To See More Of Her!

What did YOU think of Jen’s hotly anticipated appearance on the season premiere of Cougar Town, HollywoodLifers?

Based on all the chatter surrounding Jennifer Aniston‘s appearance on Cougar Town,  you’d think she was about to win an Oscar or something. And yes, Jen IS funny on the show – but her BFF Courteney Cox is still way more hilarious!

Sadly, Jen’s role is nothing more than a glorified cameo. As Glenn, the nutty therapist of Courteney’s character, Jules, she lights incense, spouts bullshit, wears see-through caftans and seems to think her dog is actually her son. She’s weird and wonderful — kind of like Cougar Town itself.

But it’s Courteney, 46, who really shines. She nails it as Jules, who finds herself clinging to new boyfriend Greyson (Josh Hopkins) when her son, Travis (Dan Byrd), prepares to leave the nest as he heads to college. She’s comic gold – and I believe she was totally robbed of an Emmy nomination this year.

Still, as the supporting cast grows stronger and stronger  – I absolutely adore the dynamic between Jules’ rival besties Ellie (Christa Miller) and Laurie (Busy Phillips) – I can’t wait to see what’s to come from EVERYONE on the show this season. I also do hope to see Jen, 41, reprise her role as Glenn — because isn’t helping a sister (or bestie) out what Friends are for?

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