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Posted Thu, May 20, 2010 1:43pm EDT

Jen Now Wants to Makeover Her Frumpy Makeunder!

Jennifer Aniston, 41, is starting to worry about looking her age onscreen. The actress recently asked that the final cuts for her upcoming movie The Switch be retouched to make her a little less rough around the edges.

The actress apparently saw herself onscreen and did not like what she saw, an insider told US Weekly magazine, especially in the daylight shots.

“She wanted them retouched further, but the studio had already spent its postproduction budget,” the insider told the magazine. “The studio discussed making her foot the bill for any enhancements.”

The insider added that Aniston was just as self-conscious during filming, often pulling her hair down to cover any facial lines

A rep for Jen told the magazine, that “all films go through print adjustments, and this is no different from the rest.”

The tricky thing is that Jen isn’t playing younger in The Switch. She portrays a 40-year old woman who is desperate to get pregnant so uses a turkey baster to get the job done.

We can only imagine how Jen is going to feel when she sees herself onscreen opposite the gorgeous swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker, 23, in Just Go With It, which is being filmed now.

Jen already works hard to stay tight and toned and she has said that she couldn’t live without caffeine, dairy and wine in her life. So maybe it is time for Jen just to accept aging gracefully and take on roles where a wrinkle here and there just adds to her character.

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