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Posted Mon, April 5, 2010 5:17pm EDT

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Are ‘Just Friends?’ Ha! Is THIS How You Act With Your Guy Friends?

So, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler you — and some other media outlets — continue to insist you are just “friends.” Ha! You two don’t sound like “friends.” Just admit it, Jen and Gerard! Nobody cares if you’re F-Buddies!

Seriously, we don’t know about you BFFs, but we watch baseball and eat chicken wings with our guy friends. The stuff Jen & Gerard do together are things we would NEVER do with a guy friend … unless we wanted to be more! What about you?

Are these things you do with a guy you’re just “friends” with?

  • Suddenly start wearing cute, short dresses after years of cargo pants and mid-drift tanks
  • Press your body against his EVERY chance you had
  • Set up an Architectural Digest cover for him to make your ex-husband jealous

These are ALL things that a girl would do with her F Buddy! NOT her “friend.” These two protest WAY too much about their “couple” label … but it’s obvious there is something else going on!

But you tell us BFFs! Do these sound like “friendly” activities to you? Or things you only do with the guy who sees you naked?