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Posted Mon, October 25, 2010 2:01pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! Jenn Sterger May Have Rejected Brett Favre, But Here Are The Four Athletes Who She Told Kim Kardashian To Date!

Sexy sports reporter Jenn Sterger was heavily pursued by Brett Favre and rejected his interests – but ironically, she gave love advice for Kim Kardashian and only recommended she date professional athletes!

Oh, the irony! Jenn Sterger has been hot in the headlines as the focus of Brett Favre’s affections – the married pro quarterback allegedly left her sexy voicemails and naked text messages. However, before the sex scandal broke, the attractive reporter spoke to exclusively about who she thought Kim Kardashian should date – and she only recommended professional athletes! Although she rejected Bretty’s attention, it sounds like sports stars are definitely her type!

Check out her picks:

Matt Leinart, 26

For those ladies that love the attention (and Jenn can’t seem to get enough of it), she keeps it simple:

“Matt is the obvious choice. He likes the spotlight, a win-win.”

Ryan Howard, 30

Let’s face it, Jenn’s body is top notch — the girl definitely watches her diet! We are all a witness to her fitness, so why not get involved with someone who wants to eat healthy too?

“Ryan’s got a great deal with Subway.”

Tim Tebow, 22

The super-religious back up QB for the Denver Broncos is a good distance from the limelight, if you don’t want the pressures of the media of NYC and LA hounding you all the time!

“He’s out in Denver, so that’s definitely enough distance for LA!

Alexander Ovechkin, 24

NHL’s top star from the Washington Capitals is a sexy bad boy, and what girl doesn’t like a man they can’t tame?

“He’s a real bad boy! He’s always suspended for one thing or another. But I’ll tell you, hockey players are great because they’re fixer-uppers. With a little plastic surgery and a good dentist, they’re OK.”

Jenn tried to keep it at four hunks, but couldn’t contain herself. She gushed, “Christiano Ronaldo would have made a good choice, but he’s a little impractical, I try to keep my guys I’m dating in the same country, or on the same continent at least.”

So do you think one of these sports stars is the perfect guy for Jenn?

Russ Weakland