Posted Thu, December 29, 2011 11:29am EST

Jenelle Evans Shares Pics Of Her New Roommate & New Pad

Days after kicking her former roomie out of her house, Jenelle is already moving in with a new one.

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans may have just kicked her former roommate Hannah Inman out, but she has already found a new one and a new place to live.

“Got a new apartment moving in tomorrowwww !!!!!!! With @Vkillemm [sic]” Jenelle tweeted on Dec. 28.

Jenelle will be living with her friend Victoria Rhyne. “yes yes yes yes yes yes ! me and toriiiii moving out to leland to an apartment complex with a pool AND gym,” she shared on her Facebook Fanpage. “SO HAPPY TO GET OUT OF THIS TOWN !!!!”

Jenelle’s quite happy to have Tori as a roommie. “tori has been my friend since 12 yrs old,” she wrote. “she will always be there for me, endofstory. SHES the best friend, not yu.”

- Lindsey DiMattina

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Posted at 12:42 AM on January 25, 2012  

STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOURSELF AND GUYSAND TKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD! then maybe you will see a child’s love fills a void that no MaN or woman can compare.

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Posted at 11:03 AM on December 30, 2011  

jenelle is a trip i cant believe her and even though not wat this about she is a bad influnce on teenagers because my friend katty she watches Teen Mom 2 and that jennelle yells at her mom all the time now my friend yells at her mom my friend told me that now she going 2 yell at her mom now and i think that crazy jenelle needs 2get some help like needs medication and a bad mom im gonn 2 prey 4 her cause that sad really!!!

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Posted at 6:05 PM on December 29, 2011  

Jenelle is such a poor excuse for a mother. IF she was half as worried about her child & getting her life together as she is about drama & drugs then she’d be in good shape. I’m sick to death of people giving her the “oh she’s still a teenager” benefit of the doubt. She gave up the right to use that excuse the second she decided to have sex and have a child. The fact that her child is 2nd priority to her is sickening. She’s nothing more than trash, and always will be. She’s had more than enough opportunities and time to change herself and her life but refuses to do so. Sorry will only you get you so far in life Jenelle. Grow up and be a damn mother instead of a sister to your child.

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Posted at 7:23 PM on December 29, 2011  

THANK YOU KELLI! I’m a teen mom of two, and nothing pisses me off more than the she’s still a kid bull! That is no reason not to be a mother to your child! I worked over 40 hours a week i went to college full time raising my son all by myself. At 18 i even bought my own house. Anyone woman no matter what her age if she wants to do it she will do it! Jenelle doesn’t want to do it, she acts like a carefree teenager that should be worried about raising her child not over which friend can kiss her ass the most!

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Posted at 10:21 PM on December 29, 2011  

Wow. Don’t you guys sound like terrific people. Name calling isn’t going to solve anything, and only makes you look bad. I’m glad you got it together, and raised your child. But bashing on Jenelle doesn’t make you any better. She’s not the perfect mom, and yeah there are times where she may put others before Jace, but she’s trying. She’s trying her best to raise her son, but because of her past actions, people like you two won’t let her be a good to Jace.She’s trying to get her life together for her son so she can be a good mom. You being all high and mighty like your the perfect mom is not only mean, but ineffective to Jenelle’s progress.

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Posted at 4:45 PM on December 29, 2011  

Leland….trashy like Janelle

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Posted at 7:12 PM on December 29, 2011  

Actually I live in Leland.. weird but also live in these apartments… It is actually very nice out here!!

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Posted at 11:14 PM on December 29, 2011 Chester or whoever you are.that is one mean thing to say they are real people just like you are she cant help she has birth defects maybe if u came out with some you would have manners and respect for somebody besides yourself

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Posted at 2:36 PM on January 1, 2012  

Oscar – you, my friend, are a sad, pathetic soul.

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Posted at 3:00 AM on January 2, 2012  

I’m beginning to think the same person comes on here and just goes under different usernames to bash ali. It’s so pathetic. Go pick on someone who at least has the option to fight back.

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Posted at 4:20 PM on January 2, 2012  

You my friend are a waste of skin

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Posted at 8:53 AM on January 3, 2012  

That Is So Mean! You honestly need a beating & get some sense knocked in to you! Your pathetic talking trash about a little girl like that! Shes a very beautiful girl and u should not compare her to her sister like that they are equally beautiful she may have disorders or defects but thats doesnt make her any less beautiful or any less of a person! Grow up!! She should not be judged by her mothers mistakes . Pick on someone who can actualy defend her/his self! Jerk!

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