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Posted Wed, December 23, 2009 11:53am EDT

Jen Aniston, Sandra Bullock, J-Lo, Julia — 40-Year-Old Women Are the New Box Office & Real-Life Hotties!

Attention girlfriends! Have you noticed there’s a 40-something female revolution in Hollywood!

Not only do female actresses no longer turn to salt when they hit the big 4-0 — they just keep landing leading roles in all the biggest romantic comedies heading to box offices near you!

They all look so good! They just keep on playing young — young and unattached and unlucky in love, until … they meet Mr. All Wrong.  (Who turns out to be Mr. Right.)

Need proof? Jennifer (40) Aniston‘s next up in The Bounty with Gerard Butler, starring as her adorably all wrong ex-husband. J-Lo (40) couldn’t be better in The Back Up Plan as a single chick who gives up on men, decides to have a baby on her own and then, of course, meets Mr. Right.

Sandra Bullock‘s having her best year ever at age 42! She first took in $341 million worldwide at the box office, as a biatch of an uber-successful boss who falls for her male assistant in The Proposal, before striking big again in feel good family film, Blind Side.

Now, before you can blink , it’ll be Valentine’s Day and you’ll be lining up for the so-cute-looking film conveniently called Valentine’s Day starring Julia Roberts, 42, and Jen Garner, 39, as romantic heroines. Then Cameron Diaz, 37, will be coming at us as Tom Cruise‘s hilariously hot love object in Knight & Day.

And we haven’t even talked about Sarah Jessica Parker, 44, Kristin Davis, 44, and the other Sex and the City girls, who’ll be back with Sex and the City 2 on May 28.  The first film commandeered $415,129,126 so who knows what’s in store?! Are these girls ever-fascinating romantic comedy heroines or what? They refuse to get old, out of shape, dowdy or stop tottering around on their Manolos and Jimmy Choos. Samantha’s still hot as a whistle in a swimsuit and younger boyfriend, ‘Smith’ Jerrod, can’t stop pursuing her.

So listen up — as it goes in the movies, so it goes in real life. The fact that Hollywood’s big name actresses still look stellar (and command money and audience love) as they enter the 40’s zone means that us real women can stop worrying about wrinkles and biological clocks ticking. We’re not getting older — we’re just getting hotter. So there! Check out these trailers below if you don’t believe me!


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