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Posted Fri, January 21, 2011 8:25pm EDT

Jayma Mays Shows Off Her Quirky New Home And Reveals How She's Like Her 'Glee' Character!

‘The Nest’ Magazine has all the dirt (literally) on Jayma and her hubby’s domestic dilemmas.

If there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know, Jayma Mays plays Emma Pillsbury, the teacher with a school girl crush on Glee club director, Will Schuester. But in the real world, Jayma’s love life is pretty settled. She’s been married to actor Adam Campbell for three years since the pair met while filming Date Night, and they just bought their first house together — Wait ’til you read the details!

Here’s what Jayma had to say to The Nest about their new home, which needed tons of work!: “I feel like we were kind of brave—or stupid— with buying this one as our first.”

“From the day we got the keys, I didn’t sleep at all that week,” Adam adds. “But we wanted to find one that wasn’t done up, so we wouldn’t feel guilty ripping stuff out—and this one was perfect, since most of it is rotten.”

Jayma explains that aside from being a total mess, the weirdest part is that “you could walk through time as you walked through the house, because the bathroom was [most recently updated] in the ’70s. Anytime we said we had to go to the bathroom we’d say, ‘I got to go to the ’70s.'”

Gleeks understand that her character can be extremely neurotic. So is she anything like that in real life? Jayma says “I try to be the opposite of Emma at home. But I do like things neat and tidy. . . I put things in those clear Rubbermaid boxes, so I can see what’s in them. Like, hosiery is in one; scarves are in another. Oh God, maybe I am like Emma!”

–Brooke Peoples