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Posted Wed, October 27, 2010 2:48pm EDT

Hugh Jackman Has The Right Idea! Did You Know That Roughhousing With Your Kids Is Good For Them?

It looks like Hugh Jackman is on to something! Here’s great news for parents with hyper kids — roughhousing with them is good for their brains!

If your child would rather be wrestling with your husband than calmly sitting next to you, you’re in luck. Research shows that when kids play around with their fathers, whether it be wrestling or using dad as a jungle gym, they are actually exercising their brains and bodies. Experts tell that it’s a great way for kids to bond with their parents while learning basic life skills — as long as it’s done in a super-safe way. So take a tip from celeb parents like Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Gabriel Aubry and encourage your kids to get physical!

I know it sounds crazy, but when kids are flying around in mid-air they’re constantly shifting their body motions, which helps them to develop coordinated movement and is an essential life skill. Scientific studies have shown that roughhousing is also a great way to stimulate the release of certain growth elements in the cerebral cortex, which is an area of the brain that scientists refer to as the “social brain.”

Cyber bullying has become parents biggest concern

But, Dr. Gilda Carle warns that parents must make sure to keep their rough play from becoming too aggressive. “First, you have to know what your children can handle,” she tells, but that as long as the roughhousing doesn’t become too aggressive or competitive there can be many other social benefits. “It teaches good healthy play and educates on proper physical touch.”

Hugh Jackman loves to roughhouse with his kids

So, the next time your HollyHubby starts swinging the kids around, sit back, relax and take comfort in knowing that he’s helping to develop some super-awesome little people!

–Amy L. Harper

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