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Posted Wed, March 16, 2011 4:16pm EDT

Blush Guide: Which Shade Should You Wear?

Having trouble finding your perfect blush shade? We’ve got tips to help you out!

Blush is one of the hardest products to pick– it’s so difficult to know which one looks best! We asked two star makeup artists to help us out with tips: Ramy Gafni, the creator of RAMY beauty therapy, who has worked with Claire Danes and Naomi Watts, and Monika Crouch, Beauty Specialist at  Pierre Michel in NYC, whose client list includes Rachel Ray and Mary-Louise Parker! Monika understands that women are hesitant to shake up their blush routine: “In general, people have a hard time choosing blush, so they end up sticking with what they know out of fear of not knowing what to pick!” If you’re ready to try something new, or feel like you haven’t yet found your ideal blush match, read on for tips!

  • Pick the right shade for your skin tone! Ramy says that the following general guidelines should help: very pale skin looks good with a light pink blush, medium tones look best with peachy shades,  and darker complexions can carry brighter or rosier colors. Monika suggests that cooler skin tones stick with pinker shades, while olive, yellow, and brown tones try corals.
  • Don’t be afraid of peach! Ramy says that, because there’s generally more pink-toned blush on the market than peach or nude shades, women are drawn to pinker shades and avoid the rest. He says that peach shades (like RAMY’s Alive! shade) are actually very complementary to most skin tones, and can even be used together with pinker shades. Just apply the peachier shade all over and then add a pop of the pink color to the apples of your cheeks!
  • Don’t worry about matching! Ramy says that it’s more important to wear a blush that works with your skin tone than it is to match what you’re wearing. He suggests wearing a blush that complements your skin tone, and saving the clothes matching for your eye makeup! Monika agrees that you shouldn’t concern yourself with matching your clothes to your blush; she says it’s more important to keep your face colors (eyes, lips, cheeks) to one “color family,” like all warm or all cool colors. This way, your face looks totally pulled together!
  • Don’t worry about going overboard! Monika sees so many people who say that, because they’re wearing a bright lip color, they feel it would be “too much” to add a cheek color, as well. She points out that cheek color actually tones down a bright lip, because it doesn’t make the lip color stand out as severely as it does on a bare face. So next time a lipstick seems too bright, you may just need some blush to tone it down!

Check out the products below for our favorite blushes, then try these tricks for yourself!

–Allie Jordan

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