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Posted Thu, May 27, 2010 7:18pm EDT

Hollywood’s Tamed V Untamed Women! Who Will Keep Their Men HOT For Them ALWAYS!

Why did Brad really leave Jen for Angie? Why is Seal head over heels year after year for Heidi Klum? Why does Madonna have Jesus, 22, in her thrall? And how’s Gwen Stefani kept Gavin Rossdale happily monogamous?

I’ll let you into a secret… these women create the impression in male brains that they are “untameable.”

No matter how long their men are involved with or married to them, there are certain women that have effectively cheat- proofed their relationships through the sheer force of their personalities. And it has nothing to do with having a perfect body, botoxing themselves or putting off having kids to save their figures.

Here’s the secret of seeming “untameable,” and keeping their men on their toes: “men like to be surprised; they like novelty,” explains Kate White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan. “There’s research that shows that novelty actually releases dopamine in the brain and it’s a high. The more you surprise a guy, the more it helps to create a sense of euphoria.”

So how does this relate to a long term relationship? The Brad/Angelina/Jen triangle is a perfect example. Kate points out that Jen appears to be a creature of habit. “Her life is filled with working out, eating the same chickpea salad for lunch everyday  and she repeatedly going to the same place to vacation – Cabo, in Mexico. In contrast, Angie is like novelty run a muck. She’s adventurous — she adopted a baby on her own, she’s going to Third World countries on humanitarian missions, she’s taking wildly different film roles, she’s moody,” Kate says. “Brad’s head must be spinning. He never knows what’s coming next. He must be a wreck sometimes, but it’s fascinating.”

Kate believes that what guys are secretly saying in their hearts is : surprise me!

Celebrity relationship expert, Cooper Lawrence, author of The Cult of Celebrity agrees that a woman does not want to seem “tamed,” if her intent is to ensure her man won’t cheat. “All the research of the last 50 years reveals that about 40% of men cheat. Keeping a man on his toes, keeps him interested!”

Christina Aguilera apparently understands this well. She’s totally into surprising her husband, Jordan Bratman. “I like to play doctor. I got Jordan a doctors’ outfit with a doctors’ bag full of sex toys. I wore the naughty nurse’s costume, of course,” she said. She also admitted that Sunday’s are ‘naked days’ in her house — “we do everything naked. We cook naked.”

Heidi Klum also knows how to inject surprise into her relationship  with hubby Seal. “She packs for me with beautiful notes in my luggage that I discover… we try to do date night once a week and we have vacations where we leave the kids,” Seal reveals.

But being an untamable woman isn’t just about sex — it’s also about having confidence and a zest for life, that keeps men intrigued. “You need to exude power and authority,” believes Cooper. “The fact that a woman CHOSE you, is a turn on for a guy.”

“I’ve always heard that certain celebrity women are incredibly needy or have baggage from previous relationships and guys really get tired quickly of having to reassure women,” Kate White points out. “Neediness, wears thin quickly. I think that’s why A-Rod likes Cameron Diaz — she’s so independent.”

So if you want your man to see you as untameable, avoid falling into the Jen” tamed trap” — the same routine, same hair style, same weight issues. Instead take a page from Angelina’s playbook, advises Whitney Casey, relationship expert and author of The Man Plan. “Novelty and diversity and being confident and multidimensional is key. Change your looks up the way Angie changes herself in roles from Tomb Raider to The Tourist. Let you hair get unruly, change your perfume, pack your bags and take your man to a hotel for the night,” she suggests.

Every time your man is surprised by your unpredictability, he realizes he can’t EVER tame you!

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–Bonnie Fuller


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