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Posted Mon, January 17, 2011 1:42pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Hooray Hollywood For A Golden Globes Celebrating Women Of All Shapes & Ages!

From bumps to bodies of all weights and sizes, women broke all the old “Don’t” rules and they ruled!

Who says you can’t be an award- worthy female star if you’re over 40, or over a size four? If there was one thing PROVED at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, it’s that the old “hold backs” for women in Hollywood are as gone as the last century.

There was Annette Bening at the age of 52, proudly accepting her award for ‘Best Actress’ in a comedy  for “The Kids Are Alright“. Jane Fonda at 73, presented ‘Best Picture Nominees’, glowing like a fresh- faced startlet. Helen Mirren at 65, glamorously dripped with diamonds and starred in the nominated spy thriller ‘Red‘. Michelle Pfeiffer, at 52, made a stunning appearance in a purple sheath, looking like an ageless Golden Girl.

Listen, I know they’ve probably all had the same “work”, umm, well maybe not Annette, but who the hell cares. It’s well done. They don’t look pinched. They don’t look pulled. They look perfectly natural and glowing with energy and good health.

As for the female stars who have passed the former “kiss of death” age of 40, that just seems as extinct as the dinosaurs. Did anyone – producers, directors, audience; think anything but HOT when they saw Halle Berry in her cut up-to-there black gown.

Same goes for Nicole Kidman, Julianna Marguiles, J-Lo, Vanessa Williams, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kyra Sedgewick.

Then there is the ‘P’ word, as in pregnancy, which used to be as bad as the ‘O’ word, as in “old”. Hollywood stars used to quietly disappear when they were bumped up.

Now, pregnancy is a time to be proud. Pregnant Natalie Portman walked away with ‘Best Actress’ in a Drama, for her performance in ‘Black Swan‘. She also walked away with everyone’s Best Dressed accolades for her Viktor & Rolf strapless sheath.

Even weight is no longer the road to celebrity Sibera. If anything, Hollywood actresses who round out their gowns, get acclaim for their womanly curves. Christina Hendricks, and Sofia Vergara,were red hot babes in red at the Golden Globes. Gabourey Sidibe, rocked the red carpet and after parties, and pear -shaped Kim Kardashian brought the glam to the after parties.

Ok, so maybe it took us to finally land in the 21st century to get past age, shape, weight and pregnancy, as roadblocks to longterm Hollywood stardom for women. But at least we DID make it! Hooray again!

–Bonnie Fuller


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