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Posted Sun, July 11, 2010 10:25am EDT

Photos! Hollywood's Trainwreck Triplets: How Lindsay, Paris & Britney Ruined Their Careers & Looks!

Let these Bestie Bimbos be a warning to all young stars!

On November 26, 2006 when the picture above was taken, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears WEREN’T toast – they were still the toast of Tinseltown!

Britney had just dumped Kevin Federline, her cheating ne’er-do-well husband of two years, and appeared ready to restart her then-stagnating career.

Lindsay had just begun her string of box office bombs, starting with Just My Luck, but she still had a slate of promising movies yet to film. And yes, Lindsay was already partying — but her drinking and drug addictions weren’t yet public.

As for Paris, she was Hollywood’s premiere party and “it” girl. Who would have thought that when this photo was taken as the too-hot-for-words and pantyless trio pulled up to Guys nightclub in LA, that these three would soon melt down and become the “Trainwreck Trio?”

Here’s the scoreboard: Lindsay has just sentenced to 90 days in prison and 90 days in rehab for violating the terms of her DUI probation. On May 4, 2007, Paris was sentenced to 45 days in prison for violation of the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. And on Jan 31, 2008 Britney was involuntarily confined to UCLA Medical Center under a 5150 hold because she was deemed a danger to herself and others. Only after being forced into treatment was she diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and ever since Oct. 2008, her father has had a conservatorship over her medical, career, and financial affairs.

Now, as Lindsay faces prison time , can she possibly turnaround at some point like Robert Downy Jr., Drew Barrymore, Keith Richards, Fergie, Angelina Jolie or Nicole Richie — all of whom transformed their downward spirals?

And what makes the difference: Why do some stars become turnarounds versus others who remain total trainwrecks?

To be a turnaround, a star “must first seriously withdraw from the limelight and get the heck away from Hollywood,” insists addiction certified psychologist Raymond Havlicek. “But they must first have the will and willingness to see they have a problem.”

“They need to hit rock bottom, then work through a strong 12-step program like AA,” says psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman. “And they have to make dramatic lifestyle changes-changing everything: their activities, friends and day to day focus.”

Can Lindsay, who’s still telling friends she’s “not going to jail” and plans to appeal her sentence, ever get off the trainwreck track?

“Her biggest addiction issue is she’s addicted to the attention. That’s her biggest drug,” believes Dr. Gilda Carle, a psychotherapist and relationship expert.”I think she craves attention because she’s looking to fill the hole left in her upbringing by an alcoholic father who abandoned her, and a mother who tries to be her friend, not her mother. She’s looking for love from the world to replace the love she never got at home.”

“The roadblock to turning around for Lindsay is that she won’t change her self destructive behavior until she stops getting attention for it,” says Dr. Carle, who believes Lindsay LOVES being the center of the news right now.”She needs so much help, support, love and therapy, but I don’t know where she’ll get it. I fear she’ll be an Anna Nicole Smith all over again!”

Oh, Lindsay — please snap out of your destructive denial and become a turnaround, NOT a trainwreck!

Check out the pics of the “Trainwreck Triplets” above, plus other trainwrecks and stars who turned their lives around! Then vote: Can Lindsay turn her life around, or will she remain a trainwreck forever?

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— Bonnie Fuller