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Posted Wed, December 22, 2010 11:16am EDT

Heidi Montag Regrets Shocking Plastic Surgery! See Her Scars Plus Other Stars Who Went Under Knives in 2010!

Last year self-confessed ‘plastic surgery addict’ Heidi Montag shocked the world by announcing she had undergone 11 drastic procedures at once and still wanted more!

Heidi, who once raved how much she loved her new “perfect and plastic” body, has changed her tune, saying she is miserable with her appearance and that her nearly-dozen surgeries left her with painful and embarrassing scars all over her.

She showed off her botched body, which included lumpy legs from bad lipo and bald spots on her hairline from her brow lift — and she told Life & Style mag that she feels like “Frankenstein.”

Luckily there may be hope for Heidi. “It puts a bad light on things we do but her issues are simply not disasters and she isn’t green with bolts sticking out of her neck,” says Sarasota, FL based plastic surgeon J. David Holcomb, MD. “Even the most offensive scars can be improved with appropriate care.”

But Heidi wasn’t the only one who showed such a  dramatic transformation this year. 2010 has been a year full of Barbie-alikes and stars who are almost unrecognizable compared to their former selves, including Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox and The Real Blow-Up Dolls—we mean, Housewives—of Beverly Hills. Who else went under the knife–and engaged in various other fillers, injectables and laser treatments? Check out our gallery for the year’s most shocking transformations and vote to tell us if YOU would ever consider plastic surgery!

  • Heidi Montag: 11 procedures in one setting including F size breast implants, shaving down the small of her back and pinning her ears back made Heidi the Queen of Plastic Surgery in 2010. She wore the title proudly until she confessed that she made a mistake and went too far  “I would love not to be ‘plastic girl’, or whatever they call me,” she told Life & Style.
  • Kim Kardashian: Kim denies having work done — but, her facial expression suggests that she’s had help in the beauty department! ”Her face doesn’t animate much, which happens when you get Botox,” said Los Angeles Plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Granzow. “She looks like she’s had fillers in her cheeks and alongside her nose.”
  • Kim Richards and aunt to Paris and Nicky Hilton – has had the least amount of plastic surgery out of the cast, according to Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. William Binder. “Kim might have had Botox, but she is very much in the natural zone,” he tells us. “But there is sun damage to her arms.”
  • Megan Fox: It is clear that Megan’s lips are much, much bigger than they used to be and she’s lost the pretty bow in her top lip due to new engorgement! Dr. Sharon Giese, a plastic surgeon in New York City told us, “Megan had her lips over injected, that is the biggest thing.” And almost all the surgeons we spoke with agreed Megan has had her cheeks filled and has been injected with Botox!
  • Taylor Armstrong, who is married to venture capitalist Russell Armstrong, looks to have had the most plastic surgery! “Taylor’s lips appear to be overfilled, and it looks as if she may have had Botox and other facial fillers.”
  • Daryl Hannah: Many stars opt for plastic surgery as they get older, but sadly, some go too far and  surgeons we talked to believe Daryl falls into that category. consulted with top plastic surgeons who believe Daryl has had not only fillers in her lips and cheeks, but also think she had a nose job! She has a completely different face!
  • Camille Grammer, most famous for being married to sitcom star Kelsey Grammer, “is naturally beautiful, but may have had rhinoplasty,” according to Dr. Binder. “It is difficult to tell because of the makeup, but she might have had upper eyelid surgery too. She looks as though she’s had her lips filled and maybe a breast augmentation.”
  • J. Woww has some of the biggest breasts on TV but that’s not nescessarily a good thing! Her oversized chest looks so fake that they don’t seem to move! NYC dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick says, “It could be improper placement of the implant or improper care post-surgery causing them to be immobilized.”
  • Kyle Richards is a former actress and mom-of-four who appears to have had lips fillers and a nose job! “She has good bone structure, but it appears she has had rhinoplasty, and possibly her lower lip filled,” Dr. Binder believes.
  • Adrienne Maloof, known for heading up the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, appears to have possibly undergone quite a bit of surgery. “She’s had Botox in her forehead, filler in her lips… She’s overdone. The worst of the bunch,” says renowned NJ plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek.

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