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Posted Fri, November 19, 2010 6:28pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Will Thrill Fans — So Critics Should Stick A Broom In It!

The best thing about the newest Harry Potter film is that it stays true to it’s harrowing tale and isn’t faked up by unnecessary Hollywood special effects.

Critics have been complaining that the new installment of Harry Potter’s adventures is long and slow. Well guess what critics — That’s exactly why The Deathly Hallows is so poignant.

The book is ALL ABOUT the long, frustrating and scary time that Harry, Hermoine and Ron, suffer through while using all their ingenuity to hide out of sight from the evil Lord Voldemort and his Snatchers.

The story isn’t supposed to speed along like Transformers. It’s supposed to be about Harry, Hermoine and Ron trying to solve multiple mysteries, in their ultimate quest to defeat and destroy Voldemort. It’s about thinking and reflection. It’s about Harry and Hermoine, particularly, feeling alone in the world, in a struggle to survive while evil gets ever closer and stronger.

Just because so many movies today speed along without thought or dialogue, doesn’t mean that The Deathly Hallows has to cave to that “commercial” trend.

I say hip, hip hooray that Harry Potter moves at a pace that beautifully conveys the length of time that Harry has to go “underground”.

And so far, fans to the tune of $24 million for the opening night box office — agree!

–Bonnie Fuller


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