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Posted Mon, February 14, 2011 9:41am EDT

Vote For The WORST Red Carpet Beauty Look From Last Night's GRAMMY Awards!

Who hit an unforgiveable sour note on the scarlet carpet last night? You decide!

Like any awards show, there are hits as well as misses. Last night’s red carpet for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards was no different and thankfully only a few may have missed a note when it came to their hair and makeup. Who deserves the Worst Red Carpet Beauty Look award from last night? The nominees are…

Christina Aguilera – I know she keeps taking a beating for her hair and makeup but this just isn’t a good look for her. The huge hair and the heavy makeup is just overwhelming on the tiny star. Also, exactly what is up with the spider lashes trend lately. This is SO not a good look, ladies!

Cyndi Lauper – I consider Cyndi to be a rock and roll treasure, so it’s hard for me to pick on her historical wild child ways, but this is really just not good. Her hairstyle makes her look like a cockatoo and the makeup looks like an afterthought. She looks rather pale and washed out. This look just made me sad.

Natasha Bedingfield – I love that she tries on the red carpet and the retro flapper hairstyle is great in theory, but let’s be honest here: her jawline is too severe for a hairstyle that is that stiff over her ears. A longer earring might have done the trick if she was married to the hairstyle. Maybe a slightly deeper lip color?

Anna Nalick – I hate to laugh but this picture is hilarious. What is the world is happening here? The hair color is gorgeous but the curls are out of control. The weird spidery lashes are kind of scaring me and there is NO definition below her eyes for the rest of her face. It’s like everything below her eyelids is the same color all the way down to her cleavage. This is just wrong.

Florence Welch – Ok, I practically live for Florence + The Machine but she’s worn more makeup and hair in the band’s videos. I mean, the freshly-washed look is great for after the gym but on the red carpet? A little more eye makeup and possibly a touch more texture to the hair would have worked.

Miranda Lambert – Let me say this gently: when one has a large forehead (or as Tyra Banks calls it, a “fivehead”), it’s usually nice to sweep a little hair over it to minimize the effect. The height of the teased updo paired with the shine on her forehead gives her an almost alien appearance. I also get that they were going for champagne hues to go with her dress but a little more definition in the eyes or lip would have been great. She’s a tad pale.

Ok, so it’s time to vote. Who didn’t exactly hit a high note on the GRAMMYs red carpet last night? Vote now!


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