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Posted Mon, November 15, 2010 11:45pm EDT

Juliet Gets Revenge On Serena, Plus 4 More ‘OMG’ Moments From Last Night’s ‘Gossip Girl!'

A masquerade ball always means trouble on the Upper East Side — and on the Nov. 15 episode, the demonic trinity of Juliet, Vanessa & Jenny used one to take down Serena!

I don’t know about you all, but this episode was very painful to watch. I was cringing every second as Juliet (Katie Cassidy) succeeded in turning the Gossip Girl clan against Serena (Blake Lively.) What a gloomy Monday night on the UES. Serena is now drugged-up and in the hands of evil psycho Juliet Sharp!

Let’s all take a moment of silence to remember Serena’s fabulous life on the UES. From the looks of things, it’s been completely destroyed.

Here’s what happened Nov. 15:

Juliet clearly wasn’t going to give up easily last week, so she called fellow bad girl Jenny (Taylor Momsen) for help. Along with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr), the trio leaked photos of Serena kissing her professor Colin (Sam Page) to the media, which almost caused her to be expelled from Columbia. Serena’s mom Lily (Kelly Rutherford) stepped in and pleaded with the Dean to let Serena stay; Lily then paid Juliet to keep her lips sealed.

But leaking those photos was only Juliet’s first strike — she pretended to be Serena at Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) masquerade ball! She kissed Dan (Penn Badgley) AND Nate (Chace Crawford), and then revealed Chuck & Blair’s (Leighton Meester) relationship to the entire party!

And here was her shocking final move: She DRUGGED Serena, after pretending to be her, and sent the Dean of Columbia an e-mail requesting to withdraw from the university. She then put Serena in a cab headed to an unknown apartment. I’m seriously concerned for Serena’s safety. The last thing we saw was an unconscious Serena in a bed — we don’t know whose — with Juliet!

And here are my top ‘OMG’ moments from the Nov. 15 episode of ‘Gossip Girl’:

1. Serena’s affair with a boarding school professor is revealed!

I love finding out juicy gossip from the past, and this was especially juicy. We all know Serena was sent to boarding school after an incident with cocaine. Apparently, she returned to the UES a changed and reformed girl, but they’ve never mentioned before that she had an affair with her professor during that time — she was about 16! This revealed secret will only be used to harm Serena more in the future.

2. Serena loses Nate AND Dan in one night!

Dan (Penn Badgley) & Nate (Chace Crawford) continued to fight for Serena’s love, but after she failed to make a decision, they made one for her. They told Serena she had to choose between them by midnight — and she had every intention to. But after they were both kissed by the fake Serena (aka Juliet), they gave up.

3. Chuck tells Blair he loves her!

I don’t know when exactly Gossip Girl turned up the heat, but it’s been getting quite steamy lately. While Chuck and Blair were having sex, Chuck accidentally said “I love you” to her. She ignored it at the time, but obsessed about it throughout the rest of the episode. Later that night, they finally confessed their “I love you’s,” but still cordially parted ways.

4. Blair thinks with her head & not her heart!

I loved Blair in this episode; she left love behind and thought about herself for once. Nate’s mom asked Blair to replace her and be “the face” of an exclusive Upper East Side women’s club, but only under one condition — that she discontinue any relationship she had with Chuck. After Blair and Chuck were seen making out in front of everyone at the masquerade ball, Nate’s mom took back her offer to Blair. But Chuck’s publicist, who was also worried about his reputation with Blair, insisted that Blair was actually good for Chuck’s bad-boy image. Well, Blair was definitely NOT feeling it because she left Chuck and said she needs to be Blair Waldorf and NOT “Chuck Bass’ girlfriend.”

What did you think about this episode? What do you think will happen to Serena? Did Blair do the right thing leaving Chuck? Make sure to drop me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


— Nicole Karlis