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Posted Mon, October 25, 2010 11:32pm EDT

Blair Sabotages Jenny’s Interview With Tim Gunn, Plus 4 More ‘OMG’ Moments From Last Night’s ‘Gossip Girl!’

After being sent away to boarding school, Little J returned to the Upper East Side on the Oct. 25 episode of Gossip Girl — but she wasn’t the evil, conniving brat she usually is!

You know that Jenny Humphrey’s (aka flash-dancer Taylor Momsen) return to Gossip Girl was going to be huge — but throw in huge guest stars like Tim Gunn, Ivanka Trump, and more, and you know there’s going to be some serious Upper East Side drama! The Oct. 25 episode of Gossip Girl was full of ‘OMG’ moments, but the most shocking part might be Jenny’s not-so-wild behavior!

Here’s what happened:

When Blair (Leighton Meester) found out Jenny was in town for an interview with fashion guru Tim Gunn, she had her minions follow Jenny’s every move. Blair was informed that Jenny was on her way to the Empire Hotel, where Chuck (Ed Westwick) lives — and she somehow stole Jenny’s sample dresses and wrote each letter of the word “whore” on them, which was displayed during her showing with Tim Gunn (something he definitely wouldn’t let fly on Project Runway). Jenny sought revenge by telling Gossip Girl she lost her virginity to Chuck, which is why Blair broke up with him! Jenny then told a humiliated Blair that she’s better than all this drama, and will stay away from the UES, as Blair requested.

Here are my top ‘OMG’ moments from the Oct. 25 episode!

1. Blair & Chuck called a truce!

In the final minutes of the episode, Chuck unexpectedly visited Blair and asked for a truce! It was the closest they’ve come to being civil since the break-up. He said they’re both still holding onto the pain because that’s all they have left, and Blair agreed they have to stop trying to ruin each other’s lives. After the reconciliation, both lingered on opposite sides of the door — and Blair even shed a tear! OMG!

2. Is Jenny a changed woman?

Jenny really surprised me in this episode. Despite telling Gossip Girl that she lost her virginity to Chuck, she handled Blair’s sabotage in a ladylike (for Jenny, at least) manner. Could things be up for Jenny, the former pill-popping, drug-dealing, clothes-stealing, high school train wreck?

3. Serena almost dated her professor!

In typical Serena-fashion, the cute boy she picked up in the Oct. 11 episode, of course, turned out to be business professor at Columbia. At first, Serena decided to drop the class and date the professor — but after a few wise words from her mother, she decided school is more important. And that’s probably the best choice, considering we now know the professor is somehow related to the evil Juliet Sharp (Katie Cassidy!)

4. Juliet’s ‘brother’ jumped Nate’s dad in jail!

Seriously? We’re still unsure what exactly Juliet’s motives are as she slowly destroys our favorite Upper East Siders, but whoever she’s connected to in jail is now causing some family problems for Nate (Chace Crawford.) Nate’s dad, who is in jail for embezzlement, was beat up in jail by someone connected to Juliet! But silly Nate continues to fall for her!

BFFs, what did you think of this episode? Were you as impressed by Jenny’s changed behavior as I was? Do you think Blair and Chuck are going to finally end up getting back together? I want to hear your thoughts, so make sure to drop me a comment!

— Nicole Karlis