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Posted Mon, January 17, 2011 12:10pm EDT

Kristin Says: Vote For The Worst Red Carpet Beauty Look From The 2011 Golden Globe Awards!

They can’t all be winners. Check out who didn’t exactly make the grade and vote for the best of the worst!

Hey, we all have an off day and red carpet A-listers are no exception to that rule. Part of the fun of watching the red carpet is seeing who didn’t exactly make the mark. Who had the Worst Red Carpet Beauty Look from last night’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards red carpet? Read on and vote!

I really love Sandra Bullock but I’m not crazy about this hair look. The thicket of bangs hanging over her eyes is overwhelming, the hairstyle isn’t exactly flattering (it kind of looks like a weird helmet) and the streaks of auburn are a tad distracting. The ghostly pale makeup isn’t exactly helping, either.

Scarlett Johansson’s Bride of Frankenstein hair is really a bit stiff and severe. It’s a lot of look for someone with a tiny face. Windswept hair is one thing but when it looks like it was frozen that way, it’s just not a good look.

I didn’t exactly love Lea Michele‘s hairstyle last night. The tousled curls are cute but the fact that they’re heavier on one side than the other looks like her hair is falling out of a more finished style.  The super pale face and lip with no necklace basically washes her out.

<Sigh> Julianne Moore is so pretty but the invisible makeup with such a strong dress color didn’t just make her look pale, it made her look almost transparent.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s crazy prom pom pom hairstyle was just too much paired with her strapless dress. Maybe if she’d moved it back behind the crown of her head…or not done it at all…?

Ah, Helena Bonham Carter. I live for her on the red carpet because she delivers red carpet crazy like Domino’s every time. The messy curls with the netting and the overly teased ponytail, the purple pastel eye makeup that almost looks like she did it the car – yep, that’s classic HBC.

Where do I begin with Christina Hendricks? She’s such a lovely woman but she either doesn’t do anything or she goes way over the top like she did last night. A tip: do big crazy curls or a ruffled neckline, but not both at the same time. That’s A LOT going on up there.

Annette Bening. Wow. This is a beautiful woman and she WON an AWARD last night looking like this. People, DO NOT go to an awards show with no makeup on looking like you combed your hair with your foot. This is just all sorts of wrong.

Ok, so we’ve reviewed the nominees and now it’s your turn to vote. Who had the Worst Red Carpet Beauty Look from the Golden Globes last night? Vote now!


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