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Posted Tue, June 1, 2010 10:00pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! Here’s How YOU Can Get Megan Fox’s Rock-Hard Abs This Summer!

Follow this guide from celebrity trainer Steve Jordan and you’ll start seeing results in just ONE WEEK!

Ready for a hot beach bod transformation (pardon the pun) this summer? Although there are only three weeks left until it’s officially bathing suit season, getting abs like Megan Fox’s CAN be done! consulted with Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer Steve Jordan to give you the ultimate, all-inclusive guide to get abs of steel, so read on BFFs!

Steve says the first step to getting your Fox-y celebrity body is to adopt the mantra “Eat less and move more!” You’re not going to lose any weight or tighten your abs if you eat more calories than you burn.

Another crucial step is to ENJOY the process. Yes, that’s right. Stop stressing about losing weight and get outside and have a good time! “As you can see in this picture, Megan is having fun and playing,” Steve says. “These are two favorite past times that we often forget to do because we are so wrapped up in our work, families and other self-created tasks that pull us away from living life passionately.”

The best part? There’s nothing complicated about this plan — it’s just about being consistent. Steve says if you follow his food plan and do his workout at least four times a week, you’ll start seeing results in less than seven days. Sounds pretty darn good to us — let the Transformation begin!


1. Start your day with fruit!

STEVE SAYS: Summer fruits and vegetables are plentiful. Eat lots of fruits that are filled with antioxidants to help combat cancer and other debilitating or deadly diseases. These fruits are apples, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, strawberries and grapes. My prescription is to eat fruit early in the day starting with a fruit/protein smoothie, then eat some more fruit in its raw and natural state where you have to chew and break it down. Have 4-6 servings by lunch time.

2. Make your protein servings exciting!

STEVE SAYS: Get into your protein and veggies from 12:00 p.m. — dinnertime. Eating fresh fish or organic chicken mixed into a salad that has lots of colorful antioxidant rich vegetables like bell peppers, spinach, arugula, walnuts, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, radish, shredded cabbage and sprouts will keep you looking and feeling light. This eating strategy is versatile too! There are over a dozen types of fish to choose from, dozens of ways to prepare chicken and countless ways to make salads with different dressings and toppings.

3. Going out? Google first!

STEVE SAYS: If you are going to eat out, know what’s on the menu before you go so you have power and control when you are hungry. This is a very good way to combat the ‘Well, I was hungry and I didn’t know what to order.’


1. Be like Megan…PLAY!

STEVE SAYS: Summer is about fun! Bring that intention of having fun back like when you were a kid and go for it!

2. Change up your activities — go outside!

STEVE SAYS: The workout is going to be fun and playful. Go out for a hike, go to the beach and walk/jog on the water front breathing in the fresh salty air. Go biking, walks after dinner, walks around the neighborhood and head to parks. This daily routine with help burn calories and get your body into bikini form.

3. Stuck inside? Just keep moving!

STEVE SAYS: When you have to be indoors, your exercises routines should focus on moving as much as possible. Do large muscle groups like legs, back, shoulders and, of course, the core. Rest very little in between sets. You should be able to move for one hour without taking a rest. Some exercises will be more challenging in the beginning, but when you stay committed to your goals there is nothing that can stand in your way.


My favorite summer workout for anyone is the one below. The workout should be timed, so you can try to constantly beat your best time. Try to complete the entire workout in 20 minutes or less.

For all the activities do 50 repetitions for the first set, 30 for the second set and 20 for the third and final set.

Do three sets of the following:

1. Squats — use weights that will be challenging (I use 20 lbs.).

2. Push ups — I go from my toes, but you can go from your knees, or put your hands on a bench.

3. Pull ups — use the pull-up assisted machines in the gym, or if you don’t have that, then use a bench to help yourself up to the level of the pull-up bar. Lower yourself down slowly until you can do the pull-ups.

4. Reverse crunches — do these on a decline bench, or if you’re a beginner start on the floor.

5. Shoulder presses.

–Kirstin Benson

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