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Posted Wed, September 15, 2010 4:07pm EDT

TV PREVIEW! If You Love Sexy, Intense Drama, You'll LOVE Fox's New Show, 'Lone Star!'

Long story short: Fox’s new drama, Lone Star, is tantalizing and hot…we’re obviously obsessed!

Who’s in it: Newbie hunk James Wolk, Friday Night LightsAdrianne Palicki, Angelina Jolie‘s dad, Jon Voight

What goes down in the first episode: The bad guy you hate to love. Lone Star is about a young boy (James Wolk) groomed to be the perfect conman by his father. In his adult life he struggles with pleasing his manipulative father and trying to lead a normal life. As his father so eloquently says, “you built a house of cards, you can’t live in it.” Despite having two wives, he remains the Lone Star because at any minute he might be forced to disappear to avoid being arrested for financial fraud.

Why you should watch: Lone Star is thrilling, sexy, and keeps the audience on their toes for the whole episode. Despite his seemingly despicable persona, he is very earnest and its easy to buy into that he truly loves both women. The cast has amazing chemistry and the soundtrack is current and fun. This show redefines love and complicated relationships, not only between husband and wife but also between father and son.

If we could change one thing…: The subject matter is a little racy and controversial, so it may be distasteful to a more conservative audience.

Final thoughts: The idea is fresh and interesting because despite the main character’s amoral actions of leading two different lives and scamming people out of money, you can’t help but fall in love with him! Be sure to watch the first episode of Lone Star when it premieres on Fox Sept. 20!

–Nicole Fukuoka