Posted Fri, January 8, 2010 6:33pm EST


Is weight solely a worry for women? Can a man be sexy today and still sport a roll? Are Hollywood’s leading men given more of a free ride with flab than their female counterparts?

These are the big questions as a number of A-List men have “let themselves go” lately? Angelina Jolie may be shrinking away, but the usually toned Brad Pitt was spotted this week looking like he was eating for two. It looks like Brad gained about 15 lbs, which makes his current weight somewhere between 175 and 180 lbs now. Gerard Butler, who was all lean muscle mass as the action star of 300, admitted he has a weakness for “cupcakes” after he his over-sized paunch was photographed on a beach vacation in Barbados on Jan. 3.

Then there’s the formerly slim, former heartthrob Hugh Grant, who appeared shockingly larger on the red carpet this month — and even the previously fat-free P. Diddy has doubled up his size.

Will getting bigger burn these guys careers like they would a woman’s?

No way, celebrity image consultant Michael Sands tells “They probably need to get back in the gym, but no matter what, these guys will be accepted,” he says. “It won’t hurt them drastically at all.” In fact, he says that a little bit of paunch will actually endear Brad & Gerard & co. to their fans.

“Moviegoers like to see ‘hey, they really are norma!’” when they see photos of these guys in real life.
Sands says that the celebrity males tend to gain weight when they’re in between movies. “If they aren’t working, they don’t care. They got caught look au natural. So what? The pictures of them looking heavier won’t hurt their careers. Ultimately, it won’t make a difference in Brad or Gerard’s careers if they put on some extra weight. They still have the same faces.

But for actresses like Angelina, who has been looking way too thin lately, there’s a double standard. “For women, it’s not the same,” Michael says. “If a girl puts on some weight, she won’t get any roles whatsoever. It’s not suitable for an audience’s palette.”

So unfair!!!

What do YOU think? Does a pair of toned pecs and a flat belly make a hunk or can “beefcake” just mean more to love. Tell us now + VOTE!


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Posted at 1:28 PM on January 9, 2010  

I think there is a very unfair double standard in Hollywood, some of these guys are getting big from over eating, but in the vast majority of cases like Gerard i believe it is the after effects of using steroids.Water bloating & retention.

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Posted at 5:30 AM on January 9, 2010  

Yes, I agree that the double standard is completely unfair. It’s ridiculous to think of what female actors of today have to subject themselves to in order to remain “in demand.”

In other news, please read through your posts, it’s hard to enjoy them with the barrage of grammatical errors…

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Posted at 1:49 AM on January 9, 2010  

Dear Bonnie Fuller, you and your site suck,

There’s a difference between eating your fill of a 5 course meal and having a bit of a full belly as Brad did (he had that bit coming out of the restaurant, not going in) – just look at the 500 other pics taken that same night…

…and between letting yourself go completely and looking like a fat jowly pig with manboobs as Gerry Butler does.

Also, is it possible for you to write on other celebrities without including Brad, Angelina or their young children in their posts?

Why not post about fat Gerry alone? Brad Pitt is clearly not fat, and clearly does not have man boobs or jowls.

I agree there’s a double standard, but I disagree with calling people unfairly, based on no evidence – just because you’re an envious snark.

I know your getting up there – but you do realize that the video, and about 500 pics from this same event, covered by 10 different photog agencies, caught Brad Pitt & Angelina going to dinner. So you trying to claim Brad Pitt isn’t fit, is kind of ludicrous. Google is your friend. Don’t let some silly bitter interns get you boycotted by the biggest fandom in the universe.

Oops, too late.

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Posted at 9:09 PM on January 8, 2010  

Just goes to show no matter who you are, you have to constantly work out and avoid sweets in order to keep the nice body

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