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Posted Tue, April 5, 2011 4:45pm EDT

Want Perfect Brows Like Ginnifer Goodwin? Try These Expert Tips!

Two brow experts tell you the tips to follow, the products to buy, and the mistakes to avoid!

Sue Ellen Gifford, Esthetician and Eyebrow Specialist at Pierre Michel in NYC, says that the right eyebrow shape can be like “Botox without needles,” helping to balance out any asymmetry in the face. Ramy Gafni, the creator of RAMY beauty therapy, says that “eyebrows are like fingerprints: no two people are the same.” Yet both experts believe that there are a few tricks that everyone should follow. Read on to find out more!

  1. See a professional! If you’ve never done your brows before, book an appointment with a brow shaping expert. Since it’s hard to be objective about your own face, Sue Ellen and Ramy agree that you need someone else to look at your bone structure, the length of your eyebrows, the shape of your eyes, your age, and all the other factors that contribute to how you should shape your brows. Plus, Sue Ellen says that your eyebrow shape should match the shape of your eyes, which is hard to do yourself!
  2. Maintain at home! If you’re diligent, you can maintain the results you got with the professional indefinitely. Ramy suggests keeping a tweezer by your toothbrush: every time you brush your teeth, take a look and remove obvious strays. But err on the side of caution: his motto is, “When in doubt, don’t pluck it out!” Sue Ellen says that, after a few sessions with a client, she can teach them how to look at their face in a new way, allowing them to maintain their own brows if they desire.
  3. Follow your natural shape! Ramy says that too many people try to create an arch and end up with “the dreaded hook shape”: a round, curved brow that doesn’t fit their face. Sue Ellen agrees, noting that the most common mistake she sees is improper placement of the arch. Another common shape error is making brows too far apart, which Ramy says makes you look “perplexed or sorry about something.” Sue Ellen notes: “If you don’t make the eyebrows right, the expression of the face is going to be wrong.”
  4. Use the right products! Both Ramy and Sue Ellen recommend using a taupe pencil for most eyebrow shades. Sue Ellen says that applying the pencil on the eyebrows– rather than trying to get to the skin underneath– provides a more natural look. Ramy developed a product called Perfect Brow Wand, which is a double-ended pen: one side is a universally-flattering brow filler in a taupe shade, and the other side is a highlighter to give brows a visual lift. Another product, Eye LIFT Brows!, provides a tightening effect to the brow area.
  5. Add brows to your daily routine! If you have time each morning, fill in your brows with a pencil and brush it out with Ramy’s Browtility brush or a disposable mascara wand. Ramy says that brushing product through keeps it from looking painted-on, providing a more natural look. Sue Ellen believes that brushing keeps your brows growing in the right direction. She understands that people don’t always have time for a lot of brow care, but brushing is easy and you don’t even need to be at the mirror!

Check out the gallery for products, and click below to get the look!

–Allie Jordan

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