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Posted Fri, March 5, 2010 2:20pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! Victoria Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio Tells You How To Love Your Body!

Everyone cheered when the bombshell Victoria’s Secret Angels replaced the skinny runway models at the Prada show in Milan on Feb. 25. So we wanted to hear what the A-List angel Alessandra Ambrosio thought about it!

“I think most women relate more to models that have healthy curves which are also very sexy and feminine,” Alessandra tells EXCLUSIVELY.  “Walking the Prada runway was such a great opportunity, and I had a lot of fun doing the show. I applaud Prada for doing something different and I hope other designers will follow the trend.”

So, how does Alessandra keep her healthy, sexy, figure? “I try to eat healthy but sometimes I do indulge a little. I do yoga and pilates whenever I can and I workout with my trainer Leandro Cavalho,” says the stunner, who is currently promoting the new Victoria’s Secret ‘I Love My Body’ line.

The model even confesses how she learned to love her own body. “In the beginning of my career I really felt the pressure to be thin — but one thing I always said was that if I had to stop eating to work then I would have to switch careers,” she confesses. “Compromising my health to be a model was never an option for me.”

Alessandra tells us, “I feel really lucky to work for a brand like Victoria’s Secret that really appreciates the body I was born with.” Plus, she gets to wear the products she models! “Body by Victoria is the most comfortable collection of bras ever!” she gushes.  “If I had to choose one bra to wear every day it would be a Body by Victoria bra!”

And while the lingerie model tells us the most beautiful trait in a woman is “confidence” she agrees —
“putting healthy looking models on the runway is a great start” towards helping women love their healthy figures.