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Posted Fri, December 4, 2009 2:01pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift's New Love Scenes!

The Taylors couldn’t stop flirting during Thursday’s Valentine’s Day shoot!

Sorry Team Jacob fans, it looks like your hunk is officially off the market! Two of your biggest teen obsessions — Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift — filmed a scene from their ultra-romantic new movie Valentine’s Day at West LA’s University High School on Thursday ,Dec 3 , and well, let’s just say their chemistry is pretty darn visible!

In the scene Taylor-squared shot on Thursday for four hours , the two , who play a high school couple – she’s a prom queen and he’s a jock., exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts. Taylor S. loved her present– a gigantic white teddy bear – but Taylor L. was less than thrilled by his gift: a pink and red button-down shirt. “This way we can be matching tonight!” gushed Taylor S., who plays bubbly Felicia. “Great,” said her beau, a jock (who’s character ‘s name has changed from Tyler to Willy) sulkily.

Unfortunately, there’s no smooching between the stars in this particular scene, but the onscreen couple does exchange a heartfelt hug. Warning to those prone to swooning — the muscles Taylor L. gained to shoot New Moon ripple just right around his tight-fitting tee!

Offscreen, the Taylors were totally adorable, says an eyewitness. “There wasn’t any PDA, but there were so many people around that that wouldn’t have even been possible,” says our source. “But they both had huge smiles on their faces and Taylor Swift blinked her eyelashes a lot  when they talked, which was often — totally flirtatious! Between takes they would just gravitate towards each other. There were lots of smiles and laughter between the two .It was adorable.” Apparently, the young couple saw the opportunity to shoot the scene as the perfect excuse  to spend time together. They were actually re-shooting the scene and were not contractually obligated to do it. The producers were thrilled that they came back and were  the beneficiaries of the lovefest between the two, reports a source who was on set .

Good news for those who worry that superslim Taylor S. doesn’t eat – she did – two big subway-type sandwiches to be exact.

Even better news – both Taylors couldn’t have been more down-to-earth and friendlier to the fans, particularly children , who managed to get on set. ” They happily signed autographs and talked to everyone .”

It’s only natural, then, that the two would take their built-up chemistry out on the town: joined at the hip, the pair headed to Benihana in Beverley Hills for dinner that evening ,followed by some  frozen yogurt at Menchie’s.