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Posted Mon, November 23, 2009 5:02pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! PTC Calls Adam Lambert AMA Sex Romp “Tasteless” and “Vulgar”! Asks for Ad Boycott!

Did you think Adam Lambert’s crotch-grabbing and oral-sex-simulation was tasteless and inappropriate for primetime TV?

TV watchdog group Parents Television Council is hopping mad about Adam’s controversial performance last night at the American Music Awards. In a statement just issued to, the PTC slams ABC for being “tasteless” and “vulgar” for letting Adam do his S&M bondage thing and for another instance of simulated oral sex on Adam. (In case you live on the West Coast, the oral sex part got edited out.)

“American teenagers – and especially teenaged girls – are literally under siege by the entertainment media. It is outrageous that children today cannot watch a televised awards program for an industry that is built squarely on their backs. Teens comprise a huge portion of music sales, yet this is how they are treated? It is beyond contemptible,” said PTC President Tim Winter. Last night’s ‘American Music Awards’ broadcast was nothing short of tasteless and vulgar. Adam Lambert, the second-place finisher in last season’s ‘American Idol’ competition, chose to treat American families to simulated oral sex and other demeaning behavior. ABC and Dick Clark Productions had every reason to know what to expect, as Lambert himself proclaimed that his performance would be ‘very sexy’ and would include leather and chains. But the producers and the network chose to bury their heads in the sand.”

Lambert, for his part, has refused to apologize for his performance.

The PTC continues: “The Parents Television Council is calling on its members in areas where the oral sex scene aired before 10 pm to contact the FCC to complain about last night’s show, which in no way fulfills ABC- affiliated stations’ public interest obligation for free use of the public broadcast airwaves. PTC is also asking its members to contact ABC stations and Dick Clark Productions directly to voice their concerns about the graphic nature of the show.”

Tell us what YOU thought of Adam last night!