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Posted Thu, May 6, 2010 5:09pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE! How Jen Got a Frumpy Makeover For Her New Adam Sandler Film- Brave Girl!

If you’ve noticed Jen looking less than gorgeous lately, here’s the scoop — we’ve found out that she’s deliberately de-glamming for her role as Adam Sandler’s ugly duckling office manager in Just Go With It!

In fact, America’s sweetheart has not only been wearing some nasty duds, but she’s been rocking full, sometimes frizzy hairstyles and  — gasp — appears to be going without makeup  . The result is that her face is looking fuller, while shooting in Hawaii. But hey, ‘friends’ — Jen’s new schlumpy dumpy  looks are all for her latest movie role!

In Just Go With It (originally titled The Pretend Wife) Jen, 41, plays the frumpy office manager to Adam Sandler’s plastic surgeon. In the film, which has a premiere date of Feb. 11, 2011, Jen will pretend to be Adam’s soon-to-be-divorced wife so that he can score Brooklyn Decker, the girl of his dreams. Naturally, the ‘ugly duckling’ ends up turning into the ‘swan’ — and Jen will once again morph into her gorgeous self late in the movie.

But how, exactly, did Jen go from sensational to schlubby in less than a month? A team of experts weigh in!

“Jen’s face looks fuller because it isn’t shaded with bronzer, which is how she usually appears on a red carpet,”  Lusine Galadjian of tells “Contouring would make her face look slimmer, and it appears puffy because it’s flat. If you give your skin dimension around the cheekbones, your face will appear thinner. Her eyes look puffy and small as well. [If she were trying to look good], she would make them bigger and pop them out by curling her lashes and putting on heavier eye makeup.”

NY-based makeup artist Cory Bishop agrees that , “She is definitely wearing less makeup. How blush and bronzer is applied can have a great change on a rounder face like Jen’s. If she applied a little blush or bronzer to the outside of her face under the cheekbone, it would create a less round and more sculpted look.”

Jen’s new ‘do is also contributing to her new, de-glammed look. “The hairstyle does contribute to making her face look fuller,” admits Whitney Olson, a stylist at LA’s Warren-Tricomi salon. “It’s not a great look for her because it’s too young and unsophisticated. Her cheeks are simply too wide. She needs hair to cascade around her cheeks in order to keep her face looking slim.”

Adds Whitney, “Her cheeks already look round and full.  Also, if the piece pulled back in the front were any tighter, it would make her look even fuller! ”

For those of you, who always suspect some kind of plastic surgery, whenever a star changes her looks, stop right now. Dr. Lawrence Koplin, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon, is firm that Jennifer hasn’t had any to change her look, at least. “Jennifer is a beautiful woman, natural in her own right. She may have had microdermabrasion or even a skin peel, but mostly she looks different because she isn’t wearing much makeup!”

— Laura Schreffler

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