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Posted Tue, December 14, 2010 2:34pm EDT

Zac Efron Does Cocaine, Smokes Peyote & Gives 'Skillful' Oral Sex In New Movie! Exclusive!

Zac is dead set on moving past his High School Musical good boy image, and his new film might do the trick!

When your claim to fame is something as squeaky clean as High School Musical, it’s a no-brainer that the way to break out of the Disney mold is to take on darker movie roles — and Zac Efron will definitely be busting out! Zac is reportedly taking on the male lead in Die in a Gunfight, and we’ve got the exclusive details on the crazy dramedy.

GENRE: Drama, Romance, Dark Humor

PLOT: The newly single 23-year old Zefron plays Ben Gibbon, a handsome, extremely wealthy New Yorker who has a mind of his own and is constantly rebelling against his parent’s aristocratic lifestyle. Ben is into drugs, getting into trouble with his friend Mukul, and he gets an odd thrill from getting beat up. His powerful parents are ashamed of him, but he finds companionship and love with Mary, another rebel child who’s been kicked out of every elite prep school in New York. Mary and Ben are intertwined by a court case involving both of their parents and Mary’s creepy tutor Terrance.


  • Ben finds himself in a brutal fight as early as page 2!
  • He swears at everyone, dropping F-bombs and screaming obscenities at those who beat him up
  • Ben loves finding a high in all the wrong places: pot-smoking, cocaine snorting (off a knife), pulls from a flask, and Peyote usage.
  • Talk about Cougar Town! Ben gets down and dirty by grinding with an older woman while “sweaty and drugged.”
  • Ben’s father really hates him: “You’re a disgrace, Benjamin! You’re not fit for this family!”
  • Ben and Mary get intimate, and the narrator lets the audience know that Ben is good at oral sex: “Mary was delightfully surprised by Ben’s…skill.”

NOTABLE LINE: “I love getting high in a tuxedo. There’s something cool about being f–ked up and looking good at the same time.”

BOTTOM LINE: This role will certainly propel Zac away from his good-guy Disney image, and we’re looking forward to seeing him take on a dark and twisted character. The script was a bit bizarre overall, and the lawsuit side plot was confusing and weighed down the central storyline at times. Also adding unwanted bulk was a lot of  pseudo-philosophical discussions, like this one: “Don’t you ever feel like we’re letting the world disappear?” The characters of Ben and Mary are the bright spots as rebellious Manhattanites, which is good balance in an otherwise gloomy film.

–Jenna Mullins with reporting by Sarah Rose Attman & Russ Weakland

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