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Posted Wed, November 17, 2010 6:16pm EDT

Bonnie Says: The Real Reason Men Cheat on Beauties Like Eva Longoria, Elin & Sandra Bullock!

Whether it’s your travel or work schedule, or his — if you don’t see your husband ALL the time, there’s a good chance he’ll cheat!

If you ever believed that a man can stay true when he’s separated from you by thousands of miles, then think again. This year alone, husbands who have to travel for work, have proven to be cheaters time and time again.

Professional athletes like Tiger Woods,  basketball pro Tony Parker, Tiki Barber and Brett Farve have every reason NOT to be at home with their wives. They have to travel for games and tournaments. Plus, the culture of professional athlete is known to tolerate, and even encourage, its players to play around. Plus, like rock stars, pro athletes have their groupies, ready to comply with no-strings  attached sex. “Women throw themselves at these sports players. People in the public eye, the spotlight, have a lot more opportunities than regular peoples,” points out psychotherapist Rhonda Findling author of Don’t Call That Man: A Survival Guide To Letting Go.

Actors on location experience the same access to hordes of willing female fans. “Men are more likely to cheat in any relationship, long distance or otherwise. It goes back to cave men times. The women’s job was always to take care of the home and the men’s job was to go out and spread their seed,” says relationship expert Cooper Lawrence, author of The Celebrity Cult. Plus, they have the added attraction of gorgeous female co-stars, scripted love scenes and isolated locations where they are thrown together  without their mates (i.e. Brad Pitt and Angelina on the Italian set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.)

But if you’re the one who has to be on the road for work,  for months at a time a la Sandra Bullock, then that’s just as bad! Leaving your man alone for extended periods of time, whether you are a celebrity or not, is just asking for trouble with a capital “T.”

Here’s the bottom line — men are HORNY! It’s a fact of life! And it’s very hard, shall we say, for them to resist a woman who’s available and into it.

For men, even those who like being married, all too often it is out of sight, out of mind. Yeah, they very well may still love you BUT they like having sex, when they want it, even more. “Some guys can’t take being alone and some men need that physical connection, more than others,” explains Rhonda Findling.

Take heed! Don’t marry a man who will be a long distance lover  if you want your lover all to yourself!

What do you think?

–Bonnie Fuller

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