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Posted Fri, May 6, 2011 3:53pm EDT

Emily Maynard: This Was No Final Hug Goodbye! Still Engaged To 'Bachelor' Brad?

Emily is tired of people thinking that she and Brad Womack are broken up — is she tweeting to set the record straight?

Is Emily Maynard trying to tell us that she’s still with Bachelor Brad Womack? Emily, who was visiting Brad in Austin last weekend, was photographed hugging him goodbye at the Austin airport just before she traveled back home to Charlotte on May 2. But what seemed to be a tearful final farewell may actually just be a temporary separation!

“Final hug goodbye?” Emily tweeted on May 5. “I know I went on the bachelor but that’s a little too dramatic for even me.”

Emily then followed that message with this: “Just for the record, my profile pic was NOT my farewell hug to my cat either.”

Emily and Brad are under contract by ABC to maintain certain public appearances — and they can’t speak on the status of their relationship until they have the network’s go-ahead.

But as Emily has recently suggested when she tweeted to — “Thank you for your latest story! Nice to know there are still good hearted people in this crazy world :)” — she’s tired of the misconceptions.

And one of Brad’s relative makes it sound like Emily may even be planning another trip to Austin sometime soon. “Hopefully we can hang out more next time you’re here,” Primavera Womack tweeted at Emily.

So is this Emily’s way of tell us that she and Brad are still together? Tell us what you think!

– Lindsey DiMattina

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