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Posted Thu, June 3, 2010 11:09am EDT

'ECLIPSE' SHOCKER: K-Stew Reveals Her FAVORITE Scene in the Film … Kissing Taylor Lautner! Rob, You Hearin' This?

Could Kristen Stewart really be Team Jacob after all? She told the Korean press that her ‘favorite’ scene in the new flick was a mountaintop kiss with Taylor …

You could almost hear the swoon in Kristen Stewart‘s voice when she told the Korean press that one of her two favorite scenes in the new New Moon installment Eclipse is the big, violins-swelling moment when Bella and Jacob kiss for the first time. “It’s the scene where Jacob and Bella kiss for real on the mountain top before the big battle,” Kristen said in Seoul, today. “It was a line she finally crossed and Bella finally surprised herself. Bella is kind of a control freak, and she finally thought she made a mistake but was okay with it.

And her other favorite scene? The moment when she has to tell Edward (R-Patz) about her betrayal, namely, “the scene right afterwards where she has to go face Edward and talk about it because he’s heard everything that’s happened,” said K-Stew.

Good heavens: Does Kristen love the drama or what?

Watch the video below!

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