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Posted Mon, October 7, 2013 6:17pm EDT

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Sherri Allen

Posted at 5:24 AM on January 13, 2014  

Willy,I love the boots,they rock!!!!!!!!! I have a pair of pants and shorts and slippers that match your boots.Where could I get a pair for myself? I totally love your family and the show. Your son looks just like you did at that age.You were and are still handsome in your own way,too bad you are already married.Even your uncle Si was handsome when he was alot younger. He’s a cool guy,but sometimes he’s a little irratating on the show.If one of you tell him not to say or do something,he says or does it anyways.Got to love him anyways!!!!!!!!

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Kim Proud

Posted at 5:12 AM on December 24, 2013  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what Phil said about sin and homosexuality. Seriously for people to be offended by scripture is such a joke… it makes you wonder what demons they are battling themselves. The Robertson’s are God Fearing, Bible Believing, Survivalists… I don’t know about the rest of you, but if scripture didn’t happen to be involved, I for damn sure wouldn’t want to be trenched out with some butt bandit in camouflage for hour on end in the marshes, waiting to shoot ducks, knowing that the man next to me is getting a little too much enjoyment out of having the duck call between his lips, and the stroking the rifle with his hands, wishing it was made of flesh and not steel!!! Maybe A&E should consider making a show about queer “Out-doors-men” and see how many ratings they get? It will be worse than Sacha Baron-Cohen in Bruno.
Last comment, We were created by God to pro-create and continue to populate the world. Homosexuals do not pro-create, and that is where the sin lies as well. So all this gay marriage is “Politically Correct” and gay adoption as well, but it’s not biblically correct or right. I am a firm believer that nobody is born gay, it is a cry for help and most likely derived from abuse… So before we start adopting out our children to homosexual couples,, we need to realize the generational curse of homosexuality will continue to thrive, by us turning a blind eye to the sin, just for the sake of not offending someone else.
Way to stick to your guns Phil.

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Kenny Klocke

Posted at 2:15 PM on December 21, 2013  

I am glad that Phil’s Robertson stick to the bible. He should not have been Fried from A&E for speaking out truth. I love the Robertson Family. I watch them all the time it will not be the same without Phil’s. I love that family be cause they stick to gather

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Posted at 11:27 AM on December 20, 2013  

Phil’s Robertson” IS NOT GAY”, unless you mean the real definition of gay -Happy. As for homo NO. If people would stop and look where he gets his info, the BIBLE, . People would know the truth, just because you claim JESUS does not mean you know JESUS, “or other words” you can’t call youeself a christin and still call yourself a homo. BUT, a homo or anyone that is a sinner “which we ALL are” can come to know JESUS, leave that way of life, and still go to heaven. If he or she has a true relationship with GOD, and strives to do his will and not their own will. Do not get me wrong, not a one of us is perfect, or deserves the right to go to heaven. Phil is right in his words from the BIBLE. However; heaven is not given to us by words or good deeds, but by the relationship and striving to do his will. Phil has the guts to say what more of us should be saying! I really hope that they keep a show going ,but maybe they should create their own network. They could produce more shows for the family with a postive message. I am tired of hearing beeps! Phil keep saying the truth.

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Doug Tolley

Posted at 6:03 PM on December 19, 2013  

Phil is standing for the Bible. so shall I. sin is sin soddomy Is a sin even if you are a homosexual.

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Jayne Jackson

Posted at 8:14 PM on November 15, 2013  

Are you guys really doing a wine deal? I never see it on your table. My father made wine…His Cabernet Sauvignon was so good with our homemade spaghetti.

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Sharon Sims

Posted at 9:14 PM on November 13, 2013  

I love Si n Jase oh well I love the Robinson family. They express genuine family morals. They pray together and stick together as a family.

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M. Evans

Posted at 10:37 PM on October 18, 2013  

A really gorgeous Family, both inside and out !!

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brian sullivan

Posted at 8:19 PM on October 18, 2013  

I never watched duck dynasty until one night I was going through the channels and it was on.After a few minutes I was hooked.I have now watched every episode over and over.The best show on T.V.

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Lisa Fee

Posted at 3:49 PM on October 18, 2013  

Phil is my Hero… but I truly love everything about Duck Dynasty. The way they are is exactly how I was born and raised. Now I have a good chunk of land, and I would’nt change anything for the world. Keep it simple and enjoy it!

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