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Posted Tue, July 13, 2010 9:30am EDT

Dina Lohan, Who Do You Think You Are? You Got Glammed Up For A Late-Night Fast Food Run While Lindsay's Going To Jail?!

Dina — why do you look like you are loving the paparazzi attention, when Lindsay has 8 days until the slammer?

Oh, Dina Lohan… you stopped at two fast food joints July 12 — the super delicious In ‘N’ Out, followed by Wendy’s (where I’m assuming you got a frosty because they are scrumptious) — before heading to Lindsay‘s pad. So why were you dressed to the nines? I must admit you were looking pretty cute but, really, why so snazzy? Is it because you knew the paparazzi would be following you because your daughter is going to jail?!

I mean really Dina, you’re just ridiculous! You had your hair blown out and were posing for all the photographers that follow and harass your own daughter! We all know you love attention, but try to tone it down a bit, especially at this serious time for your daughter. You’re looking a little too much like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt! Next thing you know, we’re going to see you posing for photos inside a Taco Bell, because fast food restaurants are apparently the new step-and-repeat for Hollywood’s B-listers.

— Jen Murray