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Posted Sat, October 30, 2010 7:25am EDT

Poor Sam and Lola Sheen — Dad Charlie’s Antics Really Ruined Their Stay At The Eloise Suite Inside NYC’s Plaza Hotel

Denise Richards’ little girls Sam and Lola were having a blast in the Big Apple and living it up inside their over-the-top luxurious Eloise suite insider the Plaza hotel until their dad, Charlie, had to go and ruin all the fun.

Charlie Sheen really did it this time. His drunken rampage inside the Plaza hotel, definitely put a damper on his daughters Lola and Sam‘s trip to New York City. The California girls were exploring all the Big Apple had to offer last weekend and even stopped by the super-popular American Doll store. As if that wasn’t dreamy enough, the sisters got to sleep inside girlie-to-the-extreme Eloise Suite, at the Plaza hotel. But their dreamy stay became a nightmare when their dad Charlie was rushed to the hospital after drunkenly destroying his hotel room, right next door. Check out pics of the $1125-a-night Eloise suite!

This place is a little girl’s dream come true — it’s like an overgrown dollhouse! Wacky fashion designer Betsey Johnson worked with the Plaza to design the whimsical suite based on the beloved 1955 children’s book character of the same name. “Absolutely home-sweet-home,” says Betsey about the candy-colored room.

Lola, 5, and Sam, 6, may be young, but according to their mom, Denise Richards, they already prefer play dates in the lap of luxury to sweating in the sandbox. “They love hotels,” Denise, 29, tells “Sometimes we go just for a weekend to relax.”

Charlie could be psychologically damaging his daughters

She picked the perfect place for a little R&R time with the girls. Tucked away on the 18th floor, little Sam and Lola must have felt like they were princesses in a castle as they were escorted by a special Eloise Ambassador into their super special two-bedroom suite, costs at least $1125 a night, and features a signature Plaza chandelier complete with pink bulbs to cast a rosy glow. The ritzy room even comes with a monogrammed Eloise bathrobe and a $100 gift card to spend in the Eloise store, an Eloise camera, a framed photo of the girls inside the suite and an Eloise book. It certainly doesn’t get much better than this!

Why Denise is sticking by Charlie’s side

The rooms’ pink and black palette provides the perfect backdrop for any little girl’s daydreams. The candy-cane striped wall panels and gold-leaf moldings are the perfect finishing touches for this over-the-top space. It’s hard to imagine anyone doing anything other than sipping tea and maybe gorging on gummy bears inside such a sweet room. We’ll never know what Charlie was thinking, but I do think that his behavior was better suited for the Motel 6, and not his daughters sinfully sweet-looking suite.

When they weren’t exploring their awesome suite, the girls got to experience all that the Big Apple has to offer with their dad, just hours before his breakdown. “They went shopping, we took them to the museum together, we took them to Mary Poppins,” Denise told PopEater.

Even though Denise insists that the girls don’t know the details of what happened with their father, it couldn’t have escaped their notice that he was no longer with them and their mom was suddenly super-stressed out. Kids don’t usually miss much, isn’t that right, HollyMoms? “It is what it is. I can’t change what happened. All I can do is move forward and keep my girls protected from the situation and that’s what I’m doing. [They] think they had a fantastic trip in New York with mommy and daddy,” says Denise, adding that the girls believe that their daddy just went home early.

It’s such a shame that Lola and Sam’s stay at the Eloise suite turned sour. I guess that just means Denise will have to book them back into the special suite again soon! And don’t ask Charlie to come along next time!

–Amy L. Harper

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