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Posted Tue, May 11, 2010 5:49pm EDT

ABC, Please Bring Heidi Montag & Betty White Together On 'DWTS' Next Season! Here's My Dream Cast!

As season 10 winds down, I’m looking to the show’s future & planning a sure-to-be-epic season 11!

Now that Pamela Anderson is off Dancing with the Stars, I’ve officially lost interest in the rest of the season. No offense to the remaining contestants, but I’m just not that into them. So I’m shifting my focus to next fall when a new crop of celebs will hit the dance floor for our amusement. I’ve got a handful of suggestions for the producers over at ABC, including reality staple (plastic surgery pun intended) Heidi Montag and everyone’s favorite Golden Girl Betty White!

  1. TIFFANI THIESSEN: Pretty much every season has had a former Beverly Hills, 90210 cast member (think Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, etc.) but there are still plenty of good ones left to use! Tiffani, 36, would be a double-whammy for the show, as she could also get the ball rolling on more former Saved by the Bell cast members joining the show. (Paging, Elizabeth Berkley! I’ve seen Showgirls, and I know you’ve got moves!)
  2. LEBRON JAMES: While I’ve never actually seen this “basketball” everyone keeps talking about, Lebron sounds like he’d be a pretty buzz-worthy contestant. The 25-year-old Cleveland Cavalier could easily fill the shoes left empty by fellow athletes Emmitt Smith and Chad Ochocinco. Plus, it would be a hilarious challenge watching him try to dance with a girl half his size.
  3. BETTY WHITE: Fact — old people are adorable (see former contestants Buzz Aldrin and Cloris Leachman.) And can you name a more beloved old lady in American than Betty? The DWTS producers are reportedly trying to get the 88-year-old Golden Girl on the show next season, and I think it’s a brilliant move! Sure, she probably wouldn’t make it past the first round, but it would be worth it just to see her take the dance floor one time.
  4. ALYSSA MILANO: As much as I love Alyssa, 37, I have absolutely zero faith that her new ABC sitcom Romantically Challenged will still be on the air in the fall — and that will leave her open to fill the ’80s/’90s celebrity spot on DWTS! She’d be dancing in the footsteps of fellow stars-of-yesterday Melissa Joan Hart and Jane Seymour. Let’s just hope Alyssa would last longer than they did!
  5. HEIDI MONTAG or SPENCER PRATT: With The Hills now coming to an end, Spencer, 26, and Heidi, 23, will need to keep their idle hands occupied — and what better place to stir up their unique brand of drama than one of the most popular reality shows in America? We’ve seen Kim Kardashian, Kate Gosselin (yuck) and other reality stars take to the floor, but they pale in comparison to how entertaining Speidi would be. Heidi might not be able to smile, but she can totally dance! (Didn’t you see her perform on the Miss Universe pageant last year? Come on, people!)
  6. ALI FEDOTOWKSY: I may not like The Bachelor (it actually makes me a little bit sick), but DWTS has a history of bringing former contestants onto the show (see Melissa Rycroft and Jake Pavelka.) And with Ali starring in this summer’s season of The Bachelorette, she does seem like the next logical choice.
  7. COLIN EGGLESFIELD: After being booted from Melrose Place this season, former All My Children star Colin, 37, needs a serious pick-me-up. And since ABC soap stars are all the rage on DWTS (Cameron Mathison, Aiden Turner, etc.) it’s a natural next step for Colin.
  8. ASHLEY PARKER ANGEL: Remember him? The former O-Town member, 28, totally fits the bill of the pop star in need of a major career comeback (aka the new Drew Lachey or Mel B.) Plus, he’s no stranger to reality TV! He’s starred on two separate shows, the original Making the Band and his own short-lived MTV series There & Back. The guy’s got three names, so I think it’s only fait that he gets a third chance at success. Please, don’t question my logic.

So tell me what you think of my choices. Do you agree with them? Disagree? Am I a total moron? Let me know! And be sure to drop a comment and suggest any of your choices I may have left off my list.

— Andy Swift