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Posted Fri, February 4, 2011 5:41pm EDT

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry, Jon & Kate Gosselin And More — Hollywood's 10 Nastiest Custody Battles!

When it comes to their kids, celebs have a history of taking their battles to court — and Halle & Gabriel’s fight is just the latest!

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are locked in a high-profile custody battle over their 2½-year-old daughter Nahla, with Halle even alleging Gabriel used racial slurs in their presence. Plenty of dirty laundry is being aired, but lets not forget about all the other celebrity couples whose custody battles spilled over in the press. It’s war!

  • Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe – Debbie signed off custody of Paris, 12, and Prince Michael, 13, once the pair split, but in 2004 she asked for the reversal of the settlement. She eventually ended up making $4 million for allowing the children to stay with their family after Michael’s death.
  • David Hasselhoff & Pamela Bach – Although David had his custody revoked due to his recorded battles with alcoholism, a shocking court date in 2007 gave him full custody of Taylor, 20, and Hayley, 18, due to allegations of abuse from Pamela.
  • Britney Spears & Kevin Federline – Britney lost custody of her children Sean Preston, 5, and Jayden James, 4, after her well-publicized meltdowns, but reportedly spoke with Kevin in late 2010 about regaining custody.
  • Jon & Kate Gosselin – The couple spent the early half of 2010 squabbling about custody and child support payments for their eight children, but in July they agreed on unknown, yet mutual agreeable, terms.
  • Jenelle Evans & Barbara Evans – There are up-to-the-minute updates about Jenelle and her mother’s custody war over baby Jace, the most recent being that although Jenelle gave up custody of her baby to Barbara, she still has to pay her mother child support! Stay tuned…
  • Levi Johnston & Bristol Palin – The couple is constantly shifting the terms of their relationship and tugging at custody rights, with the latest news coming in January that Bristol wants Levi to give up his parental rights to 2-year-old Tripp.
  • Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook – Coupled with drawn-out divorce proceedings, Christie had to fork over more than $2 million dollars in 2008 to retain custody of their two children together, Jack, 15, and Sailor, 12. But accusations of domestic abuse from Peter became have become magazine fodder.
  • Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger – Although their divorce was finalized in 2002, Kim and Alec have been torn through the headlines with their aggressive custody battles over daughter Ireland, 15. Alec even published an autobiographical book about the process in 2008.

Wow, bitter battles everywhere! How will Halle and Gabriel’s end?

–William Earl

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