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Posted Wed, October 13, 2010 5:15am EDT

SINGLE GIRLS CLUB! Courteney Cox Is Back On The Market With Her Girls Jen Aniston, Sheryl Crow & Laura Dern!

The best thing you can do when going through a breakup is surround yourselves with your best friends  — they can help wipe away your tears! Don’t you agree, BFFs?

Sadly, Courteney Cox is back on the market after her recent separation from hubby of 11 years David Arquette! But now that she’s single, at least she can join the ranks again with her best friends Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow and Laura Dern as she relearns what single life is all about.

Celebrity culture expert Cooper Lawrence tells this is a time when Courteney’s fellow famous friends can really make a positive difference in Courteney’s life.

“They do things to help their friends get their mind off of it so they don’t wallow, like shopping, girls weekend to a vineyard, beach house, whatever,” she said. T”hey also listen, if she wants to rehash everything and talk about the end of her relationship, she needs to know her friends will listen and not be impatient with her — nor will they judge , blame or guilt her.”

Although Courteney should hit the town with her besties, Lawrence says the friends should absolutely NOT take her out to meet new guys.

“Not only is it too soon for them to be doing that, but it’s insulting,” she told us, explaining, “It says that you can’t find a good man on your own, and if you are Courteney Cox, I don’t think you will have any trouble meeting men. Only if a woman asks should you ever set her up.”

Courteney’s gal pals all know a thing or two about heart break. Jennifer Aniston has failed at multiple relationships with men including singer John Mayer, Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn. Sheryl Crow broke off her engagement with Lance Armstrong in 2006, and Laura Dern‘s husband Ben Harper filed for divorce on Oct. 8.

Now these women can band together as they confront the pains of their broken hearts. We suggest that they all throw on their dancing shoes, go out for a night on the town with each other and have a good time (and if they get a little tipsy, at least they’ll be able to cry on each others’ shoulders).

Either way, it’s no secret that having your best friends around when you are going through a breakup makes everything a little bit easier.

BFFs, have you ever helped a friend through a tough break up or a divorce? Vote below!

– Lindsey DiMattina