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Posted Thu, December 9, 2010 9:44am EDT

Celebrity Plastic Surgeons Agree: Looks Like Christina Aguilera Had A Breast Augmentation!

A suspicious scar leads experts to believe Xtina’s had some work done!

Recent photos of Christina Aguilera waving to fans in Japan on her press tour for Burlesque showed a rather obvious scar under her armpit, leading to speculation that the star has had a breast augmentation. I called two celebrity plastic surgery experts and they both agree: looks like the scar is from a boob job!

While all of our experts agree that Christina has had breast augmentation surgery, they both also agree that the scar isn’t in the right place. Dr. Steve Fallek, board-certified Manhattan plastic surgeon, says the scar isn’t exactly in the right place. “Yes, she looks like she has had a breast augmentation. The scar for the procedure is in the right area, but te orientation of the scar is incorrect. The right place for the scar of what is known as a trans-axillary approach for a breast augmentation should be in the  armpit crease, not perpendicular to it,  to hide it better.”

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, board-certified Manhattan aesthetic surgeon at Gotham Plastic Surgery, agrees. “I think that she has had one based on the change in size, and shape of her breasts.  The scar can be consistent with breast augmentation where we pass the implant through the transaxillary (through the armpit). We try to line up the scar up with the wrinkle in the armpit. Hers takes a turn for the left, which is not common for breast augmentation.”

Check out the gallery of photos of Christina’s breast evolution from the beginning of her career to now. It’s pretty interesting to watch the singer go from a Genie In A Bottle to Burlesque bombshell, don’t you think? Do you think Christina looks better now or before? Vote in the poll below!


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