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Posted Tue, March 1, 2011 3:20pm EDT

Christina Aguilera’s Downward Spiral, Expert Says She Can’t Handle Her New Freedom!

We’ve watched X-tina transition from teen pop idol, to sex symbol, to now another starlet in jail! Check out what events led to this star’s demise!

Another Disney star has hit the dust! We really thought this talented songstress had her act together when she traded in her “Dirrty” persona for marriage and a baby. Christina Aguilera has been competing for the limelight with Britney Spears her whole career, and with her latest jail stint she has finally upstaged the queen of pop. Britney may have shaved her head, but she never found herself behind bars. Check out what led  to 30-year-old Christina’s fall from grace, is her new boyfriend to blame?

  • June 2010: Christina released her first album in four years, Bionic, which wasn’t well reviewed by critics and struggled with sales in comparison to her past albums. The tour for the album which was planned for July 2010, was “rescheduled” because Christina was busy working on Burlesque, but there is still not set date for the concert’s tour.
  • September 2010: Christina separates from husband and baby daddy Jordan Bratman.
  • October 2010: Christina Aguilera filed for divorce from her husband, Jordan who she had been married to for almost five years!
  • October 2010: Christina Aguilera told People Magazine she started dating new man Matthew Rutler, who was a Production Assistant on Burlesque, after she filed for divorce.
  • November 2010: Her movie Burlesque is released, and after the first week it drops drastically in sales. It did win a Golden Globe, but it was not as well reviewed by critics as expected.
  • December 2010: Naked pictures of Christina hit the web.
  • February 2011: Christina flubs the lyrics during the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas. Rumors of her alcoholism start to spread.
  • February 2011: Christina trips and stumbled after her live performance during the Grammys.
  • March 2011: She was arrested for public intoxication with her boyfriend Matthew who was charged with a DUI.

Is her new man, Matthew Rutler a bad influence fueling the fire of her downfall? With Jordan, Christina seemed to have her whole life together but since Matthew stepped in she’s had a failed marriage, horrible performances, and now a tarnished reputation. Maybe Christina felt so tamed in her marriage that she needed to act out. Is this a phase, mid-career crisis, or is Christina crying out for help?

“She had a stable life and now it’s in shambles. She probably felt very suppressed and wanted to break out and now that she’s out she has all this new freedom. She was very lonely so she was hooking up with anyone. She was masking her pain and now she has a serious issue on her hands,” revealed celebrity behavioral analysis Michael Sands.

Fellow peer pop artist, Pink, has come out and expressed over Twitter her surprise that Christina has ended up in this unfortunate situation.”Out of Myself, Britney, and Christina- didn’t everyone think I was gonna be the troublemaker? LOOK MA!!! No CUFFS!!!”

Experts don’t think going to rehab will ruin her career, because most celebrities find themselves seeking treatment at one point in their career. We hope this is a big wake up call for her to get her act together for herself, her son, and her music. Do YOU think Christina should go to rehab?

Nicole Fukuoka


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