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Posted Tue, March 22, 2011 12:25pm EDT

Chris Brown: Did He Smash Window At 'GMA' After Questions On Rihanna Assault? Exclusive Pics

Chris Brown stormed out of ‘GMA’ after a tough interview and tweeted: ‘I’m so over people bringing up this past sh*t!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for their bullsh*t!’

When Good Morning America host Robin Roberts asked Chris Brown about getting over his past, referring to his assault on Rihanna, Chris strongly and repeatedly brought the conversation back to his new album, F.A.M.E., which drops March 22.

The album title, Chris told Robin, stands for “Forgetting All My Enemies.” Robin asked, “Enemies?” Chris replied, “Anybody who are naysayers and haters or whatever.”

After the interview, the New York Post reports that Chris stormed off the set saying “That wasn’t cool, man! That wasn’t cool,” and also claims Chris began screaming in a backstage room and that he smashed a window with a chair. The AP reports a GMA employee confirmed that Chris trashed the room and “broke a window with a chair.” TMZ adds that no one in the GMA studios saw Chris “throw the chair into the window … but he was definitely in the dressing room when the window was smashed.”

Keep in mind Chris is still on probation stemming from the 2009 assault. went down to the GMA studios in Times Square and can confirm that there was a smashed window and we took photos of the shattered glass on the street below.

We also spoke to an eyewitness who saw Chris storm out of the building shirtless shortly after the interview, with a large entourage in tow. Keep in mind it was 47 degrees but it actually felt like 39!

“Chris seemed really angry but he didn’t say anything,” says our source. “He just hopped into his black Escalade and left.”

Our eyewitness said ABC employees who escorted Chris outside the building told him, “Chris got upset after Robin asked him questions about Rihanna and after he went into the dressing room” the window was smashed.

Another source who was backstage with Chris, tells that Chris was incredibly “fiesty” before the cameras began rolling. Our backstage source says Chris was really worried that GMA wouldn’t adhere to his interview requests after a shaky pre-interview and Chris kept saying: “What if that happens when they are filming?'”

Robin took to her Twitter to comment about the eventful morning: “Sure has been an interesting AM @GMA. Still sorting thru everything myself. Just my 2nd day on twitter, wonder what tomorrow will bring?”

Sources tell TMZ that Robin and other GMA staffers asked Chris if it was OK to question him about the Rihanna incident on Feb. 8 2009 and that Chris approved.

During the interview, Roberts asked Chris if he has been able to move on, he replied: “I’ve been focusing on this album instead of what happened. It’s definitely THIS ALBUM I’ve been wanting to talk about.”

Next came the inevitable question about his restraining order Rihanna had against him: “It’s not a big deal to me now.”

Brown tweeted right after the show: “All my fans!! This album is for you and only you!!! I’m so tired of everyone else!! Honestly!”

The ladies of The View discussed Chris’ incident on their morning talk show directly following the incident, and revealed that Chris has repeatedly declined to come on the show if they were going to ask him about Rihanna.

Police were not called to the scene. Reps for Chris have not returned our calls but ABC News has released the following statement: “As always, we ask questions that are relevant and newsworthy, and that’s what we did in this interview with Mr. Brown.”

Chris is scheduled to perform on Dancing With The Stars — but the question is — will ABC want him to come back?


— Bonnie Fuller with additional reporting by Chloe Melas