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Posted Mon, August 2, 2010 1:53pm EDT

WOW! Chelsea Clinton's Gorgeous Wedding Hair & Makeup Look! How YOU Can Get It Too!

OK, so how much did you LOVE Chelsea Clinton’s beauty look from her much buzzed-about wedding this weekend?

Bill and Hillary’s little girl is all grown up with a wedding day makeup look that seriously brought a tear to my eye. I’m reminded of Grace Kelly when I look at the photos: good clean Hollywood elegance and simplicity.

Let’s start with the glow of that skin. I know, I know – all brides are supposed to glow on their wedding day but let’s point out one important factor here: Chelsea’s radiant alabaster (read: natural) skin. I am thrilled she decided not to tan or shake-and-bake for this event. I’m calling it now: your real skin is in, ladies, no matter what the Jersey Shore cast would have you believe (and why are you taking beauty advice from them anyway?)

Onto the fabulous makeup look:  perfect and elegant. Luminous skin with glowing (read: luminizer) on the cheek and brow bones. I also loved the light smoked eye, starting with a charcoal line around the base, then gradually evolving upward into a dove gray that ended with a light pearl hue at the brow bone that made her eyes really pop. The cheeks and lips were perfection: bitten berry hues on both made her a truly blushing bride. This is how you do wedding makeup, girlfriends: your own features popped up enough so they look glamorous in person and flawless in photos.

Can we talk about Chelsea’s gorgeous hair? That lightly brushed French twist was sheer perfection, and the gentle curls escaping at the neck were romance personified. Wasn’t it fantastic that she also chose to secure the veil into the twist without a ton of adornment? This is classic American princess bride (think Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy) and it’s a look you can easily do too.

Evidently, Chelsea’s lighter look was infectious because even Hillary looked fresher and – dare we say it? – pretty!  The Secretary of State ditched her famous battle helmet hair for softer waves and matched her daughter’s luminous glow and wind-bitten cheek and lip. Hillary, try this look in your next meeting. I have a feeling that softer beauty could bring about some seriously fabulous peace negotiations.

As surprised as I am to say this, I’m calling it now: look for ‘The Chelsea’ to be all the rage for brides across America . This cross between old screen siren glamour and fresh skin and makeup, is such a Thank The Lord change from the heavy-duty Tinseltown vixen makeup that celebrity brides have been piling on.

Chelsea Clinton as a wedding beauty icon? She’s got my vote!

Now, here are products you can use to get her look!

— Kristin Booker


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