Posted Thu, July 29, 2010 5:24pm EST

BONNIE SAYS: Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Is Our Royal Wedding — And We Needed It!

If there has ever been a time when we needed some fantasy and distraction from all the depressing news out there, it’s now!

And what could be better than the extravagant and luxurious (but tasteful) wedding of a young woman we’ve all watched grow up?

Even though we haven’t had true royalty in America since we ejected the Brits more than two centuries ago, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have a taste for pageantry and intrigue — and we’ve satiated our desires with Chelsea Clinton‘s picture perfect wedding.

At 30, the bride is an accomplished, well-liked woman, whose fairytale nuptials included a $25,000 custom-made Vera Wang wedding gown. The country’s top wedding couturier also  designed Chelsea’s bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, while designer Oscar de la Renta — who has complained that he has never dressed First Lady Michelle Obama — outfitted Chelsea’s mom, Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State in a stunning floaty fuschia gown.

Chelsea may not be as tall and glamorous as Princess Diana and she may not have married a certified royal prince, but she is slim, trim, attractive and looked stunning in her breathtaking princess-like wedding gown. In fact, with her hair pulled loosely back, radiantly fresh face and long, romantic veil, she looked highly Grace Kelly-like as in Grace Kelly who married Prince Rainier of Monaco.

And even though the former First Daughter will not be living in a palace, she is already royalty of sorts. Her father, President Bill Clinton and mother Hillary are a charismatic political “royal” couple with far more clout than any true king or queen holds today. Plus, Chelsea grew up in the palatial White House and is marrying a wealthy white knight named Marc Mezvinsky,  an investment banker with an impressive $4 million Fifth Ave apartment.

Not to mention, the wedding guest list had a contingent of both Hollywood and Washington DC  royalty  —  actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, Former Secretary  Of State Madeleine Albright, ABC’s Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer and her husband Hollywood director Mike Nichols,  Bill Clinton advisor Vernon Jordan and  all attending.

Why wouldn’t we be  fascinated to read every last detail about this grand affair, which included a floral budget of $500,000 for white gardenias, calla lillies and white roses, $600,000 for tents , $15,000 for porcelain toilets in toilet trailers classy enough for a Presidential tush, a $12,000  11-tier gluten-free chocolate cake, a hand-painted aisle runner,  a $125,000 vegan, vegetarian and organic beef and salmon wedding feast and a DJ for dancing until 4 am!

The wedding  held at John Astor’s Astor Court Estate in Rhinebeck, NY, may not have been St. Paul’s Cathedral but it was equally stunning, especially with the panorama views of the historic Hudson River. The Clintons widened the gravel road leading up to the estate to accommodate the long parade of arriving limousines and chartered buses. How fitting that the wedding did take place in the heart of the former Senator from New York’s seat of power. Guests also received a bottle of wine from nearby Clinton Vineyards (no relation) along with other local products in woven gift bags – in a gesture of patronage to the local economy. They were also comfortably housed in local hotels and bed and breakfasts, courtesy of the Clinton’s.

Now that‘s the royal treatment!

Yes, we’ve had many expensive and extravagant Hollywood weddings — most recently Carrie Underwood‘s — but somehow, we’re far more fascinated by Chelsea’s. After all, we’ve “known” her since she was a gawky teenager and both of her parents have spent years in our living rooms. She’s also such a welcome contrast to the parade of young female trainwrecks and oversexed teen girls that Hollywood parents are producing- that would be Lindsay, Britney, Miley and Taylor Momsen!

We may not have been invited, and she and her parents may have done their darndest to keep the nuptials private, BUT, like a national royal wedding, we somehow still feel included.

And thankfully and with class-  unlike many Hollywood celebrities- the wedding photos were NOT sold to appear on  the cover of a major magazine.

Instead Chelsea released six beautiful photos of herself and Marc,  as well as her parents Bill and Hill, widely to the press so we can all put them in our personal albums.

They are, after all, still OUR first family!

–Bonnie Fuller


BONNIE SAYS: Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Was The Most Romantic Of The Century!

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    Posted at 2:03 PM on August 2, 2010  

    Chelsea should have a beautiful wedding, she has class and culture, which is what we need. Thats why we need to shup up Sarah Palin, she thinks that being a real American is being uneducated, snarky, mean, stupid, a HS dropuut and being in jail. Thats her whole family. Sarah, we would be a better country if people like you, would stay home and take care of your family. Palin has raised nothing buy hillbilly trash, just like her!

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    Posted at 2:31 PM on August 1, 2010  

    I say congrats to the bride and groom. If you can afford to spend it , go for it, and I bet all the local vendors would agree. This wedding pumped a lot of money into the pockets of a lot of small businesses. Weather you agree with her paret’s politics or not you have to agree this helped out alot of business bottome line. If it is not your “cup of tea: then don’t read the press.

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    Posted at 1:44 PM on August 1, 2010  

    Okay, so , Chelsea Clinton got married. Big fat freaking deal. Did you forget to mention that because of her wedding, another bride’s wedding was totally ruined because Clinton’s required so much security?

    As far as being our “royal” wedding, that’s just too ridiculous to even think about. Royal pain, maybe. The entire affair’s cost could have fed a small third world country. In a time when families are losing their homes, losing their jobs and many brides can no longer afford their own story book wedding, here the Clinton’s are doing what they do best, showing off, and slapping the public in the face with an opulent affair that came about due to more or less, taxpayer funding in a way. We still foot the bill for Hillary’s federal salary, Bill’s “for life” pension, and the secret service details that are required.

    So NO. This is not the American royal wedding. It is the media’s way of trying to make the Clinton name something special. No matter what happens, we the people, still think of the disgrace that Bill Clinton brought to the White House, and it is Monica Lewinski that we think about when the Clinton name is mentioned, not Chelsea.

    Best thing for all, would be stop equating them with royalty and suggesting they are better than the average American family. Sometimes, the media, including yourself, go much too far in trying to make headlines.

    Like I said. Big fat freaking deal.

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    Posted at 5:15 PM on July 31, 2010  

    No, she is most definitely not royalty. In a time where so many people are facing so many hardships it is nothing less than vulgarity to be displaying wealth in this fashion. This goes to show the level of isolation that they have with the plight of people in this country. $500,000 on flowers? People of greater character would refrain from activities such as this even though they have the resources. Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to flaunt it.

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    Posted at 1:43 PM on July 31, 2010  

    People don’t complain when movie celebrities spend millions on wedding or 40 million on a new home like Brad and Angelina so why do people care so much about the Clinton’s spending on their daughters wedding. Let them enjoy. It is not Chelsea’s fault her parent’s are in politics.

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    Posted at 12:36 PM on July 31, 2010  

    You people are whiners! If you can afford a wedding like this, I bet you would do it too. It is their money so they can do whatever the hell they want with it. It is not like her wedding is going to be bailed out by the government if they lose money from this event. It’s their only daughter and I will do this to my only one also if I can afford it. Beside the groom came from a very rich family. He can afford it, too. People celebrate love in different ways and at the same time should be happy with what one can afford.

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    Dan Tang

    Posted at 8:17 AM on July 31, 2010  

    “Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord”
    Best Wishes to little Chelsea. She seems to be such a vulnerable young soul: Who has always been sheltered all her life and her views determined by her parents and influences around her. If she only knew the truth about so many things. Will she ever discover them for herself? Probably not. If she ever does will it already be too late? Probably. If she did know the truth, has she already been made too insensitive to care? Who knows? Maybe she will discover these truths that have been desperately hidden from her by so many at young enough age that she will one day, like her mother, pursue a life cause and be uplifting to many peple. Hillary is such a dedicated person forced into positions not her choice and accepted and appears to performed admirably to this date. She just “keeps on going”. Isn’t it strange how many of us are forced into positions not our best suit? Bill on the other hand was in so many ways such an admirable man and President. Yet he failed to carry out his duties on critical matters and then fell victim to the vicious traps of those who he could have lawfully eliminated had he performed his difficult job. He failed to be able to see and accept that his own minister lied to him: “That’s what you wanted”. The minister who then offered Bill the substance of his book “How Can I Help” without claim for recognition or royalties in mutual forgiveness and penance for their shared sins. On the surface Chelsea appears to be capable of depth and a prime specimen and example of Protestant for this New Generation. She has yet to discover she has been lied to by most all who lead. She appears to outclass her partner. He appears so nerdy and mundane. Too many people: This uncircumcised political religious half-breed appears to be just a gender opposite rendition of a woman who is an Internet Russian Romance Scammer. A man who like King George Junior, got his job and the chance to marry, the woman who many view as America’s ‘first’ ‘princess’, because of his Daddy. Maybe there is something more to this Jew than a foreigner, who after watching other’s example, hesitantly does what is expected of him and pretends to know why. Many see little difference between him and those of Islamic decent. After all, Jews came up in the middle east playing with their Islamic half sisters and brothers in their abutting back yards along the border between Islamigood and Christianbad and Jewbader-ginsberg and share close to the same culture and traditions. While all the Jews in Israel even presently continue to forcibly segregate male and female students and extricate girls of other ethnics and races with apartheid prejudice, its confusing to many why Joe Biden’s Mainstream {Council on Foreign Relations’} Media and Mr. Bush’s love affair with his heroic homosexual Christian troops have so hypocritically neglected to inflict a military assault on Israel, to liberate young Jewish women from the restrictive oppression of their religious dictators. If Bill Clinton is Southern Baptist why did he choose this Holy Roman Catholic facility for Chelsea’s wedding and why did he invite the Nazi Roman Catholic Pope to Colorado in 1992 and tell them to have unlimited number of children during worldwide over population crisis, in our backyard, at our expense? Is this another strategically designed diplomatic marriage, similar to GOP Bush’s daughter’s Pan-Am marriage to the Panamanian owner operator and keeper of the keys to the gate to the Panama Canal? Is this marriage of the Axis and Alliance powers of WWII? Or is it a marriage of Polish Christian SS Nazi Catholic and Protestants to the Jews? Well stay tuned and maybe someday the truth will become apparent to us all. Until then: Congratulations and Best Wishes to her Royal Highness Ms. Chelsea Clinton and former USA President Bill Clinton and Secretary of War and Peace Hillary Clinton, on the marriage of their daughter to, “whoever he is”. “Amen”!

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    Posted at 10:22 PM on July 30, 2010  

    Wasn’t her mom just on the news saying that the ‘rich’ people haven’t paid their fair share? ?

    This Antionette’d example of “let them eat cake’ is indicative of this administration.
    Millions of people looking for work, millions more having their homes foreclosed on and the Clintons are a FAR cry from a Royal family. Yet they are spending beyond belief for this wedding. ONE DAY…
    Besides, they are not allowing spectators to catch a glimpse of anything…unlike Diana, the true people’s princess.

    Once again Bonnie, you are out of touch with what the ‘real world’ thinks and has to live with.

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    Posted at 7:54 PM on July 30, 2010  

    At first I was in the ‘leave her alone’ camp, however after reading the details of her wedding plans, her nonsensical vegan demands, and her arrogant guest list mantra – she is a spoiled child. Jenna Bush, class – wedding cost 100K; Chelsea, trash wedding cost 3K and the most bizarre attention, which is unwarranted. Take the bride please!

    Chelsea, the vegan liberal, blowing a million on a ring, 3 million on the wedding, with her soon to be husband’s condo in NYC of 8 million – she loses all cred, as do her parents. And I am not pleased that I have pay for the security for this nonsense either. If she wanted a private wedding, take mom’s and dad’s go to Fiji and do at sunset, save the millions and our patience.

    Enjoy Chelsea will be looking forward to the divorce settlement in a few years. Reportedly , $8 Million cheat clause in the pre nup, nice touch.

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    Posted at 4:23 PM on July 30, 2010  

    Do you seriously think that somone who jsut lost her house to foreclosure is going to be thrilled to learn that Chelsea is spending half a million dollars just on flowers? Do you think that a family living on the Gulf Coast whose livelihood has been wiped out by the oil spill will be enthralled that Chelsea’s gown cost $ 25,000?

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    Posted at 3:18 PM on July 30, 2010  

    Royal wedding????? The spawn of the Hilderbeest is NO KENNEDY! She is NOT a princess get over yourself with this ditz

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    Posted at 6:23 PM on July 29, 2010  

    Couldn’t disagree more Bonnie. Chelsea Clinton is as you said a 30-year old woman, not a princess bride in a monarchy.
    Our country is a democracy and the year is 2010…..we don’t have royal weddings here. Spending $3-$5 million dollars on this wedding is outrageous, vulgar extravagance given the poverty in this country and the rest of the world. It makes a real mockery of The Clinton Foundation and the democratic ideals of the parents.

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